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My plans this weekend are to finally get things organized. I feel like my house and my life are in complete disarray. I'm the kind of person who needs order, and I just feel like I've gotten my house completely out of sorts. I've gotten a list together of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly chores to make my life a little less complicated and will be trying to apply it this weekend. Many of you probably have this in your house too, but I have a room that everything in the house finds it's way too. It's the room where things go to die and never be seen again. I'm planning on cleaning that room completely out and making it my craft room. Just need the strength and energy to do it, instead of having my mind and fingers wonder to something else and completely forget about the messy room. Wish me luck! What are your plans this weekend?

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That sounds like a great goal for your weekend. How is it going so far? I too will be spending time getting caught up... I am the same way and need balance in my home. I will be snowed & iced in so I have no excuse! 

So far not so good lol. But since I am snowed in and can't go anywhere, I'm going to tackle the spare room! But unfortunately I have to wait until the kids go to bed, because they'll get into everything if I let them in. How have your plans been for this weekend? Are you getting done all that you want?


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