We've all been there, right? A popular mommy blogger leaves a comment on your blog telling you how hilariously funny you are, so you visit her blog and wow--she has a TON of followers! You add your name to the growing list never hear from her again.

Do you crawl under your desk with a tube of cookie dough wondering what you did wrong, or continue to read and comment on her blog, or delete her blog from your reading list?

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I try not to worry about all that stuff. If I love her blog I'll read it. If I don't love it, I don't read it. You don't know. She might follow your blog via RSS feed and read, laugh and email your posts to her friends daily but maybe she doesn't click through to comment? Who knows. You'll go crazy if you try to figure everyone out! Just do what feels right to you and you won't go wrong :D
hi, i would continue to read her and follow her blog, despite such consequences. although it would have been better if she would come back and read my stuff, i just dont want to dwell on that too much, on her not coming back to my site i mean. maybe she's kinda busy with a lot of things.. besides, id rather continue hopping around than thinking about such thoughts. and who knows, you may see her in your blog once again :)
I agree with the other two writers. Just enjoy her blog if you like it and don't worry about it. That mom probably has hundreds of balls in the air (dealing with a ton of comments, advertisers, other assorted business issues) not to mention taking care of her own family. Just the fact that she took the time to comment on your site was an honor for you, not to mention great for your rankings, if you like that (I do :) ). And as Maternal Spark pointed out, she may well have you in her RSS feed. I keep most of my favorites in there, then read them on my smart phone when in line at stores. Hard to comment back but I sure do enjoy them :)
Great responses! I sometimes think I'm a little too naive in the blogging world--I like the whole relationship and community aspect of it--and it stinks when I realize I was used as a number! They've got a great system in getting readers, though, I'll give them that!
I think we all have been there! While I may be slightly hurt, I've learned to not worry about. And I agree with maternal spark, you never know if they are reading you still and just don't come to comment. I'm really bad about that myself so I try to be understanding.
This has happened to me too. I figure if I enjoyed reading the blog before she came to my site than it makes no difference if she reads mine or not. I think I have a modest number of followers and I have trouble visiting everyone frequently so I can understand that a "super-blogger" might not have time to read my little blog.


If you started following and weren't really that into the blog in question then I don't see why it wouldn't be okay to stop following.
I am w/ you Ali I think much of blogging is about relationships but to me as long as the blogs I really love, like yours, visits I am all good. If the "popular" bloggers visit isn't genuine then why bother.

One thing I will say though is that when you run contests it gets hard to decipher who is visiting just to get an entry and who is a genuine new visitor.
I think this is what happens sometimes when people start viewing comments as free advertising, or required on every single post you read, or as a tit-for-tat game. I prefer to comment only when I have something worthwhile to say, and if a famous knitter were to pop over to my blog (since it's fiber arts themed), I'd just be thrilled to know I wrote something she felt was worthwhile to comment on. I certainly wouldn't expect her to keep coming back, especially as a prerequisite for me to read her blog.
The lack of commenting could simply be due to a busy life. Don't take it personally. Blog and write for yourself - and those who stumble, read and follow on your blog will visit when they can.
It would depend I suppose. If I really liked to read her posts I'd still follow... actually, that's usually why I follow to begin with. I guess I figure that if I'm as busy as I am, she has to be a lot busier and sometimes it's not realistic to expect a comment back in return all the time. I know sometimes I have weeks and days I just don't have time to reply as much as I would really love to. I have to just do it randomly as I'm able to find the time. Being a mom and a blogger at the same time can really be tough. Besides, I don't think she would have said that if she really didn't love your blog :)
Thanks Miranda! I get bogged down with blogs too:) It is hard to be a mom and a blogger at the same time!


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