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Creative Ways to Spend Time with Your Children

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I've been very addicted to reading blogs lately and there are defintiely things that make me keep going back to a certain blog, but I can't put my finger on it. I think I tend to like funny blogs, and obviously I sort of sway towards mommy blogs. What makes you want to keep reading someone's blog?

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honestly, contests. Im not a regular to any blogs that are not review blogs.
i like to laugh, and relate to people in some ways. The blogs I follow are very different but I feel like I can relate to each blogger in a different way. I also like posts that are clearly written and I enjoy pictures with posts.
I like a bit of funny too. I love when I can get to know the bloggers personality and I like to think that I have something in common with them. Blogs I can learn from are also great. It's hard to be more specific than that as there are a wide variety of blogs in my reader :)
I read a lot of blogs... Personally, I stay away from blogs that look too busy or are too overloaded with extras. I like simple, unique and creative blogs. I love honesty. Also, blogs stick out to me when they have a purpose that meets a need or interest of mine.
I like funny blogs just like you. I also like blogs that are thought provoking and blogs that gives you tips.
Always honesty and originality. I hate reading the same story played out on another blog. i think it's what makes some blogs successful, and others not.

So, those two things always keep me coming back.
A blog that is interesting, helpful, or entertaining and easy to read! Even if a blog has great information, it can be hard for me to get past the cluttered design.
I read a lot of blogs with pretty pictures, but I primarily leave comments where the writer is refreshing and authentic. But with that said, I think I most enjoy super-helpful and super-useful blogs. I don't read any review blogs.
Humor, the 'cleanliness' of a blog - I don't like blogs that look and feel cluttered, I like blogs that are organized and stream-lined looking, and the frequency of posting. It's uninspiring (for lack of a better term) to subscribe to a blog and see that the posts are two weeks apart.


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