I'm working on my latest post for my What your wallet can expect when you're expecting series and I'm asking all you mommas out there... in hindsight, what is one thing you wish you would have put on your baby registry when you had the chance?


Mine is a Baby Bjorn carrier! Only started using one this time around (with baby #3) and I absolutely love it. I tried all of the other carriers with my other children and hadn't found one that I liked to use consistently. Would have been wonderful to have had it a long time ago (especially on somebody else's dime)!


Can't wait to hear your responses!


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Mine is not something one can register for, it's patience.  :)  I wish I'd had more patience with myself and with my kids so many times in the very beginning.  If I had to pick something tangible that I wish I'd put on my registry, though, it would be one of those zip on crib sheets/mattress covers.  My kids both got nose bleeds, and it was a pain changing the sheets as often as I sometimes had to!

Love this discussion! My babies are all grown, two boys 12 & 5, and a daughter who is 9, I used the BabyBjorn for all three and both my husband and I loved it!!  One thing they have now that they didn't have then is the baby seat the reclines enough so the baby can sleep in it, Fisher Price puts it out and both my sister and I agree that our lives would have been much easier if it existed in the "old days".  


I'd have to go with a front carrier too, because I made out pretty good at my shower. I would have put preemie clothes on it if I had known my son was coming two months early! We had drawers of clothes that didn't fit. I think a Boppy is a need for all new moms, even those that aren't nursing. I used bottles, and the Boppy really helped me position him better on my lap without any strain. Also, an owners manual would have been nice, lol!

I wish I would have put cloth diapers on my baby registry. The start-up cost for a cloth diapering system is kinda expensive but worth it in the long run. My baby is 11 months old and I'm just now considering cloth diapers as an option. I'm playing around with the idea of sewing my own:\ We'll see what happens.


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