What is blogging for you? A job, a hobby, or a combination of both?

So many mom bloggers are in different phases of blogging. Some are brand-new to blogging and consider it a hobby. Other moms have been blogging for years and now consider it a hybrid between a hobby and a job. And some mom bloggers approach their blogs strictly from a business point of view.

What is blogging for you? A job, a hobby, or a combination of both?

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I'm new to blogging and got into it mainly as a business adventure, but now...WOW! It is such fun! I am very social and enjoy meeting all these other neat bloggers! The business end is still important, but not as much as the people I'm meeting!
Thanks, Becky Jane
Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!
I've just recently seriously started blogging this week, so for now its a hobby, but I hope it could turn into a little profit. If I make back what the domain registration cost, I'll be happy. $8, woo!
Blogging is definately a hobby for me. And unfortunately when the demands of life call sometimes that hobby falls by the wayside! I wish I could get on a better, more consistent blogging schedule but it just hasn't happened for me yet.
Blogging is my hobby, my job and my third baby. I blog about parenting skills I acquire from bringing up my two kids. I share with you about Positive Parenting, Kids Crafts and Kids learning resources. Visit me at
Omg, it has become a way of life for me! Very addicttive,lol! I have a fulltime job and many other responsibilities, and I plan for my blog to part of a business I will be starting later this year. Blogging and the whole business of blogging is a bit overwhelming and I consider myslef a smart business woman. There are just not enough hours in the day, but I love and I will continue! Visit me at Ramblings of a Woman to read about my recent interesting vacation on a quaint little island with NO internet access and NO beach!
I write poetry and fiction--but find it very difficult to focus on my projects with a toddler who doesn't sleep much and who wants to be on the go all the time. So blogging fills a writing space for me. It tweaks my mind into action in between meals and the next outing and, if I wake up before the toddler, naps. It is a lifeline to the writer-me--and a valuable record I absolutely know I will be glad to have when my son is standing before me one day, asking his Mama for the car keys!
I just posted about this very topic. It's a hobby for me. I've thought about trying to make it big enough that it could be something more, but it just makes me tired even thinking about it. If it grows on it's own into something bigger, that would be great, but I don't have the time or energy to try and MAKE it big. Know what I mean?

The post that I wrote is here: Building a Better Blog... Or Not
Blogging is a hobby that I really want to turn into a paying gig. I feel like I still have a lot to learn though, so I'll enjoy learning for now and hopefully the other part will follow.
A combination of both. I love writing and empowering single moms and I like the idea of making a few extra dollars for my efforts.

I've been blogging on & off since 2006 but am blogging in earnest now to create that hybrid of hobby/job. I spend so much time on the internet anyway, I may as well make it pay while being able to provide information on topics I've already put a lot of research into. I went through 3 yrs of IVF and am now a twin mom - you can imagine the research I've done! It will be virtually impossible for me to take on a full-time job right now because of our 2 yr old twins but I really need to do something to contribute to our finances. This seems like a good solution.

I think I am definitely a hybrid, although I am working on a couple of different projects that I hope to have become a career.
I wish that blogging was my job. I try to treat it as a job so that one day it will be my job. I also love it so much it feels like a hobby.


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