What is blogging for you? A job, a hobby, or a combination of both?

So many mom bloggers are in different phases of blogging. Some are brand-new to blogging and consider it a hobby. Other moms have been blogging for years and now consider it a hybrid between a hobby and a job. And some mom bloggers approach their blogs strictly from a business point of view.

What is blogging for you? A job, a hobby, or a combination of both?

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As for me, i think blogging is a hobby and update of what sites that i earn my income from. I want to share and help others to be able to earn some extra income while from home.
right now a hobby, but trying to transition into a business
For me, blogging has become a mission in life.  I don't consider it a hobby but we're working hard to get His message out to the world in our own way!

Blogging is fun for me so I think I would say it's a hobby.  It is my goal to turn it into a resource for people and hopefully earn an income with it.  I'm still learning so that goal is down the road.  As long as I'm having fun with it, it doesn't matter if it's a hobby or job.  I love helping others and that's the basis of my blog.  


It 's interesting to read what others feel as well.  Love the question.

I consider my blog a job of some sorts, but a dream like job if you will.  I LOVE IT!  So it is not really a job if you enjoy it that much.   I really do enjoy it and can see myself becoming more and more engaged in it and my other writing "Jobs."   


I agree with you Angela Cooper  "it's therapeutic." 

It started as a hobby and now it has become a part time job! I still have a lot of fun though, I am still learning about blogging and coming up with new ideas. Also seeing other blogs is inspiring!

I have one blog for my own hobby..outlet...and another for buisness making childrens wall art.


It's a hobby, I absolutely enjoy blogging:)


Both I guess.  I don't want to have my blog just be about "buying my stuff" or updated listiing of my inventory. I wanted it to be about my trials of techniques and of trying to run a small business with my young family.   Blogging is a way of connecting with people I hope I can use it well. 

A hobby. I love to cook, so I blog about the recipes I find and use. It also helps me remember which recipes I liked so I can find the link to use it again. I also blog to get freebies for my boys, which are great.



It started as a hobby/fun but it is a business now! I love it!

For 5 years, blogging was a hobby that i wanted to grow but never had the time or energy to do, but now that the kids are getting older, it's starting to grow a bit and it's exciting! I am a writer turned stay at home mom, so blogging was a great outlet for me. Now that I'm getting to do cooler stuff with my blog, it's starting to feel like it used to when I worked (which is a good thing! Writing for actual money and a few perks is nice!)

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