We love hearing from members about what is new with them? Did you start a new hobby, make a new friend? Are you going through a time that is a bit miserable and need a pick-me-up? 

Share what's going on new in your life! 

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And 1 More Makes 3 has had a makeover!!

Click the link above to come and check out the new revamped site! 

I would love to know what you think!

I will also be hosting my new Linky from next week, a Linky with a difference. Please read the rules and let me know if they make sense! 

I look forward to your feedback!

Leah xx

Thank you so much! That's really kind of you to say xx

I'm working on a tool as an extension of my blog. I want parents to be able to sort food products by organic and non GMO. I'll prob be away from the forum for a bit as I get busier...

This is awesome! Let us know when it's live.

Hi Fellow Bloggers, I have published my first children's book, Good Night at the Zoo, It is #4 on Amazon's Best Sellers list. Please help me reach #1!! Spread the word on this great, cute, short book. The illustrations are wonderful. I will love to read your opinions and reviews on Amazon. The Look Inside feature is not even active yet, so please PM me on FB or leave me a message here to send you a PDF to read. Thanks Ladies! Here is the quick link:

Congrats on your first book!

I started a new venture with a long time friend and personal trainer, I have been her web/graphic designer for years for her local business now we have opened a online gym for woman/moms who cant go to gym but want to train with personal trainer and have a workout schedule, contact with a trainer all at home. Check it out great program for moms! 

Great! We love it. Sometimes it takes a lot to get to the gym.

Recently, I started to blog and hopefully when the girls are older, they will enjoy reading about their growing up.

Congrats! That's wonderful!

Thanks for asking :) I've only been blogging 7 months so what's new is everything! I'm still trying to figure out if the time investment for Willow and Thatch makes sense, for me and my family. I completely underestimated the time commitment, and though I really love researching and writing and providing useful resources for people looking to watch a quality period drama, I need to find a pace that is healthy and sustainable. There's so much to learn about monetizing a blog, and I know most people give up too soon, so I'm full steam ahead. How do you all find balance? 

It's hard when you're first starting out to find the balance. Give yourself some time to ease into blogging. We suggest blogging three times a week and then ramping it up if you feel it, or even scaling back if you'd like. 

Congrats on your new blog! We're rooting for you :)


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