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5 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office for Summer

As we all know this has not been a usual year. Our lives have changed in so many ways notably how long we have all spent cooped up indoors. It has been making us all feel uneasy and to be honest a little claustrophobic. Now, as a result of cities and towns starting to reopen slowly, it is now time to make some…

8 Effective Ways to Use PLR Content

Most content marketers eventually decide to use PLR reports and other content to grow their businesses, and you’re no exception. It can be a challenge to produce targeted, relevant content…


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We love hearing from members about what is new with them? Did you start a new hobby, make a new friend? Are you going through a time that is a bit miserable and need a pick-me-up? 

Share what's going on new in your life! 

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Just when I became very comfortable in my pajamas and settled into a relaxed state of mind, the snow melts and the kids go back to school and I go back to work. I love snow days. It is a great way for mother nature to say, "I extend your weekend." Then I reply, "Much appreciated." I miss my pajamas in the afternoon.

Trying to think up more blog topics to post about and expand! My daughter has her one year check up tomorrow where she gets 3 needles :( Not looking forward to that!

Looking forward to chat and read these amazing blog posts everyone's posting :D

Congrats Tiffany Benyacko on the HuffPost development!!  I'm also looking to significantly grow my blog following this year!! Open to suggestions from all! Praying God gives us favor in this area as He has in life.Be Blessed!

I have relaunched my blog entirely hoping to grow it on a better platform. For me, it has been really freaky putting myself 'out there' so far. But it is something that has to be done sometime, right? Keep up the hard work! 

I just launched my new blog on Wednesday with a more specific goal in mind and a whole lot more responsibility. It can be pretty scary to put yourself 'out there' sometimes. :) 

Hi Merissa,

Yes, you are right! But we push past the fear and write as best we can. Keep it up!


We found out we are expecting another (surprise!) after thinking "we could be done" after two planned pregnancies. We need to upgrade our car to fit three seats, and our poor little three bedroom house that we JUST BOUGHT also needs to be bigger. Haha! It's a little difficult to find the blessing that another child will bring, but the more I talk about it with people and the more I think about it, the more excited I am. As inconvenient as another child could be, I'm physically and financially able to have more. :) I don't know how I can possibly find MORE love, but I know I will see in a few short months. :)

Also, I finally bought my domain name! It's been on my to do list for almost a year now! I'm pretty excited about that! 

And lastly, I have discovered that I am indeed obsessed with stationery. My husband is on duty today, and I think I'm going to head over to Target this morning because everyone will be at church. Haha! 

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

Congratulations Beth Ann!!

That's so amazing! You will surprise yourself how much more love you'll have for the new bundle. We just welcomed our third child as well and couldn't feel any more blessed. It's like he was always meant to be apart of our lives.  I'm also purchasing my domain name today, and starting the process of transferring information over. Wish me luck!

I hope you and your family have a Valentine's Day filled with love and time spent together.

Be Blessed!


Thanks for the kind words, Stasie, I hope yours was wonderful also! 

I am working on getting my niche completely defined as well as finalizing all of my branding (theme and logo about complete!)

I am also doing ad research, learning how to best place my adsense ads, but also looking in to alternative and potentially better monetization!

Hi moms,

Glad to be back here..

I seriously need to grow my appreciate if you visit me and offer useful suggestions on how to improve. If y'all know of any site I can contribute to, kindly let me know.

Thank you.

I sold my first article to an online magazine and I am working hard to learn more about the world of online blogging.  Thank you for providing this forum! It is so informative, entertaining, and wonderful!


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