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Celebrate Your Favorite Photo Memories With a Canvas Print Gift

We don't know about you but autumn is our favorite season of the year. And now that fall is in full swing you know what that means: the holidays are right around the corner! Now is the ideal time to think about gifts for families and friends while you still have time to put creative thought into them instead of rushing around…

Six Things You Need to Know Before Trying CrossFit

Have you made the decision to be more physically active and give a new sport a try? Are you looking to inject a little fun, interest, and challenge into your routine? If so, then there’s a good chance that CrossFit…


Make great photos even better with PicMonkey


We love hearing from members about what is new with them? Did you start a new hobby, make a new friend? Are you going through a time that is a bit miserable and need a pick-me-up? 

Share what's going on new in your life! 

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Well, not blogging related, but I'm nominated for an award in my day job ;-)

That's wonderful! Congrats :)

Congrats :)

I am new to this site and mom blogging. I am excited to learn from y'all and share my experiences. 

I am having a little bit of a rough patch right now. I started my blogging website in January and went for a couple months going well. Then I stopped for about 2 months. Now I'm back again and I'm finding it difficult to write again and get the same response that I had from people before I quit. Has anyone experienced this?

I have been busy blogging. I am currently starting back to school outreach and have a few giveaways currently going. On the personal front I have lost almost 45 lbs in less than 3 months, my son is getting married in  less than 3 months and graduating university in 4.

Hello Mom Bloggers Club! What is new with me? Well....this past week has been a little rough financially and then just plain 'ol bad luck. But I just keep praying things will get better. When I am going thru it I turn to my blog and write. But this past week I have not had any time at all to get a post up and I am trying to make up for that. Anyways, I am up late working on my blog and thought I would stop by and show you some love!

Have a great weekend!


its amazing how i was waiting for the right time to start a blog. So i made my choice and i have started my blog. I feel so lost but i dont want to give up. I am getting involved in trying to learn as much as i can to do this right. As a am actively learning how to blog i have developed some health issue. My DR. is sending me to get tested to see if i have developed Rheumatoid Arthritis due to the joint pains i've been having. I must say from the pain and stiffness in my hips and ankles i have been down for some days but i havent given up on my blog. I have my good days and not so great days but i feel proud. For the 1st time in a while im sticking to what i wanted and done it. I pray the dr will have good news for me and i can keep on my journey.

Just wanted to send out a notice to all the great people on Blogger Moms Club. My niece and her son Michael and her significant other just moved into a new house that still needs to be finished. She just lost her dad and now her significant other. Please find it in your heart to give a $10 dollar donation so she can get the house finished. Thank you Marianne. Click on the link below.

Hi everyone! I'll go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Kat from Australia and I just started a blog and named it Mumsy & Bub. I love designing and tinkering with things, sharing happy and playful experiences as a parent, and of course chatting with fellow mums.. I'm dumping it all there!
Happy to be here and looking forward to exchanging valuable information. :)

Well, whats going on with me is, I found out I have ALS.  I try to stay busy on my blog.  I have a few giveaways right now, just need to stay busy.

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself first. My name is Katya and going back to the question, yup, I'm new here. Trying to familiarize with the going ons in this hood and looking forward to meet fellow moms as well. I also just started my new website - mumsyandbub.com, pretty excited to see how it'll grow. See you around! :)


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