I'm a fairly new blogger to the "professional" scene. I've been writing and blogging on various platforms for many years now, but I decided to finally step over my anxiety and start a blog I love.

I started it just over a month ago and have been building great content. I get between 50-100 visitors a day but am looking to grow.

Recommendations, tips?

My blog is by the way.

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One thing you can do is look at your email list. Most of them may be family and friend but that is okay. Start there. Email them and tell them about your blog. Have them spread the word. Link your blog to your social media so that every time you post it posts to your social media. Add the link to your blog on you Instragram. Things like that to get started.

I love using Twitter to share blog post daily. Also sign up for buffer or hootsuite because it makes it so much easier to schedule and share post.

I agree with Brittiny! I love hootsuite, and it has made my life SO much easier sharing my blog posts on social media!

I've been using Hootsuite mainly for twitter and sharing to Facebook but I haven't investigated it for scheduling posts. I love Hootsuite for being able to see all the streams and I know I'm not maximizing its potential. I'm going to have to do a little more digging now.


i go to forum related to my niche, i do commenting as well, but my main focus is to write good quality content, the rest will follow.

Currently, most of my traffic comes from social media. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just starting to dabble with Pinterest. Not sure if you are doing those? I didn't see the links on your home page. I also spend time researching how to build following on those sites or how to improve SEO. I've found some great email blogging courses (free) that have helped give me great ideas on how to begin the process of monetizing my blog as well as increase my email subscriptions. Good luck!!


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