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Last Saturday I attended a baby shower. Most of the guests that sat with me got surprised when I told them I have to leave earlier because my daughter need to sleep at 9pm. They claimed their children normally won't get on bed before 11 at night.

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WOW! 11 o clock seems super late. I go to bed earlier than that!:) I try to put my son down around 8 each night. I like it b/c then it gives me a few hours to have me time before hitting the sack. I firmly believe sticking to a schedule is very important for kids to keep the chaos to a minimum.
When my My 3 year old takes a nap during the day, she will go to bed at around 9:00 p.m. if she did not take a nap, then she will go to bed at around 7:00 P.M. I try to keep her on a schedule, which usually is 9:00 PM for us.
My son goes to bed whenever he falls asleep either there or on the couch. And that's usually around... 10pm? If he's really worked up though he won't go to sleep until almost 2am...
Wow 11 is late! My almost 3 year old goes to bed at 8 pm. My 6 month old will go to bed between 7-8. But 11!! That is crazy... I would never have time for myself lol. Plus my bedtime is 10 pm. Sometimes sooner.
I agree 11 is late - especially when I am in bed by 9:30 :) My 15 month old still takes 2 naps and is in bed at 7 and my 4 y.o. between 8 adn 8:30. Otherwise I would really miss some alone time with my husband :)

My 5 1/2 month old is in bed no later than 8:30-9 most nights.

I was putting her to bed earlier, but then she was waking up between 3-5 in the morning ready to be up for the day. She doesn't seem to sleep more than 10 hours a night, so 8:30-9:00 means she's usually up between 6 and 7am, which works for me!
My 1 year old daughter is a late sleeper and a stay-er upper too. She goes to sleep about 10 pm, sometimes as late as 11pm and gets up about 10-11 am in the morning. Personally, I am the same way and have been my whole life. I have tried to get her to sleep earlier but it just does not happen. She does not suffer in any way from it, it is just not the norm. I plan on homeschooling so it will never be an issue that way.

BTW not all people whose kids stay up later than normal are lazy, irresponsible or bad parents! It is just a social taboo and gross generalization. One that I get very sick of. I was a night owl all through childhood and so was my mom. I tried very hard to go to sleep and rise early but I just could not fall asleep. Actually, they have linked this genetically so it makes sense. There is a part of your brain that is responsible for the circadian rhythm ---or awake and sleep cycle, it is a gene called Fbxl3 or 'period 3'. It regulates our internal clock, digestion and metabolism.

'Night owls' have a slightly mutated version of this gene called the "after hours" or Afh gene. They are still studying why this happens and what purpose it serves. But, the result is the same. People who naturally like to stay up later and sleep in longer have it and they can try and change it but they will naturally want to fall into this rhythm and find it very difficult to go to sleep and rise earlier.

Just like you would if someone told you to go to sleep at 4 pm and start your day at 2 am the next day, The good side to this mutation is that is has been linked to increased creativity and higher intelligence. I know, most people are not going to care but I had to share as I get a lot of crap about it and have my whole life.


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I am desperate to get my 4 year old into bed before 10pm. I dread the nights and the bedtime struggles, that mark every single night. By 11 pm I am exhausted, irritated and what not. Please, share your secrets with me! What magic tricks do you use?
My daughter is 22 months old and she has always gone to bed at 8pm. Sometimes when we are on vacation or go out of state to visit family and friends we make a lot of plans so during those times she goes to bed later. But on a regular basis it's 8pm. I, too, know of others whose children go to bed at 10pm or 11pm. I don't judge, it is their children, they raise them the way they want to. But I prefer her to go to bed early.


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