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Hi Mamas!  Just published a post this morning - The Biggest Surprise about Being a Mom.  Would love to hear what the biggest surprise about motherhood was for you.  Be sure to stop by my blog and leave a comment!

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Personally, there are times when I surprise myself every once in a while for doing things I didn't know I had time for such as being able to do my own pedicure or facial. It's a matter of balancing your time.

One of the biggest surprises about becoming a Mom for me was the sheer strength, will,force, and all consuming, unconditional love that unleashed itself upon the birth of my son. Before having my son, I thought myself a fairly modern, progressive, and strong woman. After having my son, (which included a three day labor, tearing, and ultimately, a c-section), I realized my mind, body, and soul housed more strength and endurance than I could have ever guessed.

The biggest surprise about becoming a mom was far more intimate than any physical or mental strength. Instead, the single most surprising thing about becoming a mom was the intense love I immediately felt the moment I heard my son's first cry, and felt his tiny, warm, and swaddled body placed upon mine. Nursing further catapulted this new love to a level of love and intimacy I never thought possible.

My biggest surprise about being a mom was how tiring it is. ....it still is; I never knew that this level of fatigue was possible.

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The biggest surprise as a mom - nice question.

Before expecting, though I read about motherhood and all its nuances, I never really thought I could handle those 9 grueling months, bear the pain and all.

Plus, I was totally skeptical about baby nappy change. It was a complete yuck factor for me! i COULDNT COMPROMISE ON MY SLEEP. A small glimpse of what m,y thoughts are: https://inspireloveshare.blogspot.com/

But now I had become a superwoman without realizing. Today, my kids look at me so proudly and I feel happy. 


I couldn't count on one surprise, as ever since my tiny tots were born- life was great!

Whether it is play time, or time for a hand fight- momma needs to be there in between

From the first time, my tot walked, to calling my name- all are memorable surprises.

What I wish I knew before becoming a mother

I wish I would have taken the time to prepare myself emotionally. It wasn’t just important for me to learn what I could about raising a child, I should have realized that it was also important to make sure I knew how to take care of myself postpartum.

A great feeling of love. I just can't explain it into words. 


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