Blogging can take a lot of time. When do you carve out time in your busy day to blog?


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Blogging  was much easier when my little girl was immobile. Now at 3 years old, she loves to be the center of attention and will try to "help" me blog by smashing her hands down on my keyboard. I blog when she is at school and at night when she is asleep. It is hard to blog, market yourself, market others from networks you belong to, respond to advertisers,and then somehow take a shower, clean up messes and have a life. I am typically sleep-deprived, but hey, I think it adds to my writing. 

I try to carve out a big chunk of time after bedtime, three nights a week to do most of my writing. Every day during naps, I'm editing, working on my blog's FB page, etc. :) It's definitely a challenge with two, young kids around!

At night when the kids go to bed!

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It's harder now that I have a busy 3 year old! It's overwhelming sometimes.

At night when i should be sleeping like the rest of the world! 

I blog at night, I put my toddler down at 8pm and i blog from then till midnight. I am also a youtubber so I make videos in the day, edit during dance class and post on sunday morning when I blog and post from 8-noon. I am use to my schedule now and am sometimes more sleep deprived then others, but I love this!


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My little one is only four months so luckily she's immobile and still likes to nap frequently during the day.  I usually steal a few hours in the afternoon during her long nap to write for my blog.  Come her bedtime I'm too tired to write anything worthwhile so I focus on promoting the blog and researching at night.  Seems to be working so far!

I blog at night when the kids have gone to bed and my brain refuses to shut down.

I blog whenever my mother-in-law comes over (which is almost every day) and after my daughter's bedtime (unless my hubby complains, since that's also our hubby-wife time together).

What I usually do is write a post as fast as I can and schedule it to be published either a few days later or weeks after, that way I can go back to it and edit it as much as I can until its publish date. So far it's worked for me, but it's really hard work! 

I try to blog every day. I will do one entry while I am at work on days where it is sloe but if I don't get to while at my day job then I will at night before bed. There are some days where I will do two entries per day just to make sure I cover everything.

I took breakfast in front of my PC and do blogging. When my other family members were sleeping... To have this time I had to get up early in the morning, make breakfast and have them in relax mood...

I blog at night. My creativity comes alive after my Mini goes to bed! 


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