Hi everyone. I am thinking of getting into a direct sales business and am not sure which would be better. I am thinking of either candles or jewelry. Do you buy from DS companies? Which do you think is a better business? Thanks.


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I think it would depend on which product you feel more passionate about. I have never done direct sales although I have worked from home for ten years but the people I know who are successful at it are the ones who really believe in the product they are selling.
Thanks everyone! I like both, that is why I narrowed it down to those two. I am leaning more towards the jewelry, but I may try both. Yes, I have heard of Bamboopink, but I would need to see all the jewelry and learn more about it before considering it. I know that's not available yet. Good luck with it Sarah.

Hello Rose,


I just joined what is expected to be the fastest growing womens internet start up company in history.  You can join for FREE.  And if you sign with me You will be at level 5, we have 20 levels so far and 20 thousand people have signed up so far.  The company is Bamboo Pink Jewelry and we open to the public on April 1.  Now is the best time to join at the ground floor, You get to grab all the new customers before anyone else has an opportunity and you will have it easy to recruit, since no one in your area will know about since it is new.  For more information go to

Then sign up for FREE with me at  Compensation plan just came out and it is awesome!  The best I have seen out there for jewelry and totally beats the candle industry as well.

I would love to tell you more.  Add me as a friend and we can connect about this.  Or if the info. page sent to you is an enough then sign on my website for FREE and No obligations.

FYI you will make 30% off of your retail sales and you will make an additional 5% on your checks from your downline, because of where I am at on the downline.

Hope to hear from you soon!  Good Luck deciding.;)

Marbella Spata ----to friend me.:)

I have found that I need to love the item I am selling.  I currently sell multiple things but find that I work hardest at the one I enjoy and feel passionate about the most.  If it is scent and the emotions evoked by scents I would pick more along the lines of candles. I would be happy to talk to you if you have more questions about some of the direct sales businesses.  I am a stay at home mom of two and have really grown to love DS :)  Check out my site at:  I can talk to you about several of the DS companies I am currently doing if you have more questions.  Good luck :)

I think it also depends on WHERE you want to work and how.  If you enjoy doing parties, managing orders and inventory then go with that!  Especially if it's a product you love!  It sounds like you would like to work at home?  I have two babies(only 1 year apart, ages 4& 16 months), which means it is VERY difficult to go anywhere or host parties, have inventory, manage orders etc. Plus, my husband goes to Dental School and we don't have room in our budget to spend extra(hence why I work from home).  I work with a wonderful group of moms called Internet CEO Moms! We Market Melaleuca Products(which is everything but the kitchen sink in chemical-free products..they even have candles:)!  I love their products! You can even save money with them! Believe me, I wouldn't be doing if I couldn't...


I hope you will check me out! Because, I love what I do.



As others have said you definitely want to choice something you can be passionate about. I sell children's books for Barefoot Books and love it. Reading and literacy are my thing. :) I also picked them because they don't require to you buy kits or pay fees. They also don't require any level of activity so you can lay low for awhile if things in your life get busy. I really never thought I'd do DS but because they are so flexible I gave it a try and am happy with my choice.


One thing to note, I will say with talking to jewelry reps at shows I do they all complain about the competition. There are several big DS jewelry companies plus jewelry crafters to compete with. My sister did Cookie Lee for awhile and told me she even received snarky remarks from potential customers about the jewelry not being hand made or "real"...


So I'd research your competition AND also compare all the terms and requirements of the companies you considering.

I highly recommend joining a Direct Sales company. Follow your passion!! Or, ask your friends if they would host a party for which product.


If you are interested in selling children's books, join me selling Usborne Books & More! I love it! We sell at home shows, school, libraries, booth events and more.  I am happy to help you get started. 



Here are a few thoughts ...

- How much is the starter kit?

- Do they offer any specials for your starter kit?

- Ask about the team benefits and training?

- Go for a trip? ... If you are going to sell! Win the trips! We won a trip to Hawaii!

- What are the sales requirements for the month / quarter?

- Think about commission for each.

- What do you have to sell in your starter period?

-  What about the prizes in your starter period?  

- Or, sales contests and bonuses for consultants?  (Trips, products, business supplies, MONEY, Ipads)


Maybe if different friends would host both.  Maybe give each one a try!

This sounds like an excel spreadsheet decision!


I hope you found this helpful!  I wish you the best of luck!

Nancy Murphy

Usborne Books & More Educational Supervisor


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