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I'm getting a blog makeover and I'm trying to decide on which layout I prefer.

I'm upgrading to a three column blog. Which do you prefer?

Narrow Column, Content Column, Narrow Column


Content Column, Narrow Column, Narrow Column

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Narrow Column, Content Column, Narrow Column

That's the way my blog is and I truly like it. For me it has a cleaner look. ;)

I just viewed Leyda's blog and I do like her layout a lot. It's size looking. Also I wanted to tell you Leyda that your recent posting of 'busy bee' is similiar to the name of my kids blog. It's not really a blog/blog, but just something I use to journalize the life of my kids on and I only have it public so my family and friends can get updates on them. Anyway, just thought that was kinda funny. For some reason their site isn't downloading all the way; not sure why though....

My Two Favorite Busy Bee's.
I'm only familiar with the terms of the layouts you listed above of two and three column blogs. I'm sure I've seen several others but I don't know their names so I can't tell you which one's I liked off of your naming list because I don't know what they are called. I myself have the 3 column blog as I used to have a 2 column and felt a bit crowded. Once I realized there were 3 column blogs out there I quickly jumped on the chance to pay the $5 to have mine converted to 3 columns and I'm so happy I did. All the extra space makes for a nicer and open layout.


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