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Okay so I admit, I'm new to blogging.  I've never really read too many before, but lately I've been delving into the wonderful world of blogging.  One thing that I like to check out is the Blog's Alexa Ranking to see how well they are doing (it gives me hope for mine) and I'm shocked at how many blogs that I see that have a high ranking and are using Blogger. 


I have never used Blogger, but it's my understanding that if you use it then you don't own the domain name right??  If I'm right, then why work so hard to get that ranking when you don't even own it?  Especially when it's so easy to buy your own domain name and your own hosting.  There are lot of good hosting companies out there that you can get plans that are $5 a month. 


Host Gator, Blue Host, Go Daddy to name a few.  You can buy the domain name through them, they all have an easy wizard that installs Wordpress for you and your set.  Plus wordpress has a lot of plug ins if you ever want to expand your blog to include a community, forum, seo, etc it's unlimited.

The great thing about having your own hosting is if your blog does start getting a lot of traffic you can have them move it to a virtual server, so your site can handle it without slowing down.


I've also heard stories about Blogger deleting peoples blogs, which I guess they can do because they own it.


Anyway, I hate to see all your hard work go to waste.  It's really worth paying $5 a month to host your own blog.


What do you think?

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I moved my blog from Raising My 4 Sons to Raising My 5 Sons and lost my Google Page Rank :(

Reanaclaire said:

but im interested to change to my own self host one day.. Is Go Daddy reliable?  My blog is PR3 at the moment, and I worry that it will be 0 once i changed..
I am with Blogger and have been for the past year and a half, however I purchased my own domain through google shortly after I started blogging. I think it cost $5-$10 a year.

You changed your domain name or moved off blogger?  If you change your domain name that is like starting a brand new website.

Did your traffic decrease when you changed?

RaisingMy5Sons said:

I moved my blog from Raising My 4 Sons to Raising My 5 Sons and lost my Google Page Rank :(

Reanaclaire said:

but im interested to change to my own self host one day.. Is Go Daddy reliable?  My blog is PR3 at the moment, and I worry that it will be 0 once i changed..
thanks for your great information, Brenda...I am sort of "motivated" to get a webhost now..will check out Go Daddy and this Host Gator now!!

Brenda Bergman said:

That's good that you own your own domain.  I see your point, since Google owns Blog Spot and they are also the ones that calculate Page Rank.  I don't know, but I would guess that Google would automatically index blogs on blog spot since they own it??  Of course, google offers Google Webmaster tools so you can submit site maps and see how Google sees your site, even if you don't use Blog Spot. 

It seems that Google's Page Rank has a lot to do with the number of sites that link to your site and since you own your own domain, if you switched hosts it wouldn't mess up all those links to you.  So I would think that as long as you have a site map and you submit it to Google (via Google Webmaster) then it wouldn't change your page rank at all.  Maybe someone with more knowledge on the subject or someone who's done it has more to say on the subject.


I think, though, the most important thing is that you own your own domain, so you can switch hosts and still have the same url.  What I was seeing was a lot of sites with high rankings that are just a sub domain of blog spot ( example:  http://thisismyblog.blogspot.com) and I couldn't understand that.  If they moved hosts they'd lose everything.  I was just wondering why they would do that.


I just recently moved hosts, I was using Network Solutions to host my site and it was incredibly slow.  After at least 2 months of hacking away at my site to make it lighter, it still didn't speed up too much, so I decided to change hosts.  I looked into Blue hosts, Go Daddy, and Host Gator... I think they are probably the top 3 and biggest.  I went with Host Gator just because they had a service where they will move your website for you and they gave me a month free to test it out.  After I moved it, it was a whole lot faster.  One day, I hope to need need my own Virtual Server and if that day does come I might go with Go Daddy because it was cheaper. 

Although I hate to say it, I think there is a definite advantage with a bigger company because since they have more business they can afford the newest and best equipment and can offer it a lower price...at least that has been my experience.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Go Daddy. 

The only thing I liked about Network Solutions over Host Gator is NS had automated backups of my site and with HG I have to do it myself.

Anyway, after changing hosts, my Alexa Ranking improved significantly.

You have a great Alexa Ranking, maybe you can give me some advice :)  I've only been at it a few months.  I spent quit a while learning some coding and website design before I started since I really like that kind of thing.


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