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I've been receiving comments for a while now that I've just brushed off, but today it's just getting to me.

I know that the written word can be misconstrued. I know that someone's tone doesn't come across. But still, why does a particular blogger keep leaving comments on my blog posts that I consistently find insulting? I just don't get it.

Has anyone else dealt with this situation?

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Can you block her/him from your blog. Maybe try telling them you find it insulting or write a post about it,(nicely) something on blog commenting polite niceness or something in that area, so not to single them out. I know it can be frustrating and give a bad experience but if you dont deal with it, its likely to go on, but even if you deal with it and it continues you might feel better getting it out their. Good luck!!
For example?
No I have mine blocked. So that I dont get this kind of stuff. Would you want to block them or approve/disapprove their comment
If it is a personal attack on you I will mark her post as SPAM..so it will not get to your blog.
Or you can put up a reply and say that you don't agree with her stands and leave it as that??
Don't feed the trolls. Don't reply or respond, just ban her from your blog, delete her comments, etc. If it's getting to you it's not worth the wear and tear on your emotions to let her have this power over you.
Ask the person if they mean to be insulting and why are they targetting you. Maybe they are just sarcastic and just don't realize how they are coming across.

Everyone sees things differently.
Yeah, I would ignore it. Maybe I'm naive, but I'd prefer to just think that they're not meaning for the comment to come across the way it sounds. And if that's not the case, being confrontational will probably make it worse!
I had some kids or actually he was a grown man that acted like a child that left crazy rude comments on a post of mine. I just started deleting them. Then I went to his blog and left a few comments YOu know the KILL them with kindness kind. He came back and deleted the last post he made that was just last week good luck hope you can find a solution
Soo annoying and childish. I would either block them or just realize that some ppl just live on drama. And always remember, mean people suck! Good luck and I'm sorry that this is happening to you.
Why don't you email them and get to know them. Maybe they are posting one way and you are taking it another. If you get to know each other, maybe it will work itself out. You may actually have a new friend!

There is a great book...it is somewhere in my bookcase...something like How To Deal With Difficult People...great book...read it and it may help you.

I'm really pretty blunt so I would just nip it in the bud by saying "Howdy. I want to know you because one of your comments hurt my feelings and I wanted to know if you really meant it that way." I'm not the beat around the bush person. I am who I am and that's all I can be. :o)

You can send me emails to vent if you need to...my email address is on my blog. Does this comment thing embed my blog address. I will pay attention when I click add reply...if it doesn't, I'm at http://theredheadriter.blogspot.com or theredheadriter@aol.com. I'll be happy to listen any time.
Sounds like you have a heckler!! Part of public writing is public comments and I have seen a lot of mixed feelings about dealing with issues like this. I think if it's not constructive and just negative, delete 'em. It's your blog!! They could be just comment spamming anyways. "Don't feed the trolls." That comment made me giggle!
I guess if someone leaves a comment that I find insulting, I will take it as criticism wherein maybe I can learn from it. If someone still does continue to make insulting comments after I have improve or learned from that comment, then that's the time that I will make actions to it. It it’s a personal attack then maybe I block or mark her post as a SPAM.


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