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I though it'd be a good idea to list our blogs here so we could all add eact other. =D


Also tell us why you blog. =)


For me it started as a journal about being a first time mom. Now I love finding new blogs to read, making friends and just write about everything. I will like to do reviews in a near future.






What about you?? Why do you blog??

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My blog is

I started out 2.5 years ago, chronically the life of my firstborn and our life as parents. it slowly developed into a catchall for our lives, my crafting, faith, etc. Over the past 9 months, I've really connected with a lot of bloggers and love those friendships. I write about parenting, potty training, raising baby and mostly my life as a working mom and how I juggle it all. I really hope to be a resource for all things working mommy, which is why I started this group!! us working mommies struggle with balance all the time, so why not join together to help each other out!!
oh, i've done some reviews and giveaways as well, but people really do just love good content!!
Checked out your blog, just became a new follower. Love it!

You're right, we have to find a way to balance it all. =)
I started blogging to connect with other moms like me and for stress relief! lol I love reading about other moms and how thye juggle everything, getting ideas, and just hearing that I'm the only mom who struggles with balancing it all, guilt, etc.

My blog is Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom.
I started my first blog, Signing Mommy to talk about baby sign language and to help other moms who might want to teach their babies.

I started Singing Three Little Birds for pretty much everything else in my life. I love crafts and reading craft blogs so I love sharing what I am making.

I blog mostly because I love writing.

Random comment but Three Little Birds was my son's favorite song when he was a baby. When we sang it to him, he would giggle and giggle! I saw the name of your blog and was immediately drawn to it. I think I'm now your newest follower. :)
My blog is Mommy Musings. I started my blog partly as a creative outlet and partly because I hoped it might eventually become a way to make a little extra money. It's also a good way to help our family (who live far away) keep up with our kids. Over time, I've become less interested in using the blog as a moneymaker (although that would still be nice) and more interested in the creative outlet -- and in connecting with other moms. I often struggle with finding the right balance for my blog in my life -- sill working on that one!
My blog is ArtSnark's Artifacts

I reluctantly started blogging in '08 to promote my etsy shop. Soon I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed it. It is the one place I know don't have to be Mommy or Wife or Employee for a little while. Also I have made connections with so many people that share similar interest in art, crafting, and random interesting things.

My blog has evolved from just promo. Every other Thursday I feature a different artist & host their giveaways. Every other Saturday a new artist lets us go behind the scenes with a photo studio tour. Other days I share fun finds or show works in progress or art challenges. This year I hope to post more tutorials and continue to feature the creations of "undiscovered" artists
Hi - thanks for starting this :)

I blog as a creative outlet and to advertise my etsy shop. My partner is a SAHM and I'm a working mom, so we get a little bit from both sides. We both love crafts and being crafty, so we share ideas and crafty things we see out in the blogosphere, as well as stuff we've made.

@crafteegirl on Twitter and
Hi, my name is Kristi and my blog is at:

I started about 2 years ago after the birth of my twin boys to try and stay connected to family and friends accross the nation. I work full time at an accounting firm, so there isn't much time for blogging, but I manage to get in a post every once and awhile. I'm looking for ways to stay focused on my blog because I know there are a lot of family that rely on it to keep them informed and they just love seeing pictures of the twins. I look forward to reading other mom's blogs too!
Hi everyone. I am new to this group. I started blogging back in 2003 to stay in touch with friends that I had moved away from. I love writing and when my son was born, I decided to make a more public blog for family. I love that I can look back and read about those early days because I don't remember them very well!

My primary blog is
I also write a column called The Frugal Family at -
Lastly, I'm the San Francisco City Guide on which is a community site for parents of preschool-aged kids.

very cool ladies!!! love meeting all of you!


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