I though it'd be a good idea to list our blogs here so we could all add eact other. =D


Also tell us why you blog. =)


For me it started as a journal about being a first time mom. Now I love finding new blogs to read, making friends and just write about everything. I will like to do reviews in a near future.



Mayra@  http://mylifeinhigheels.blogspot.com/



What about you?? Why do you blog??

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I started my blog a couple of weeks ago on a whim. I'm not sure what drove me to start blogging, or to pick the topic that I picked. Like everyone else I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy teaching. One of the premises of my blog is to teach people how to make money using eBay. I share strategies for attracting buyers, improving your profits, customer service and other general musings (most related to eBay, but some not!) There are a bunch of things I wish I'd known when I started listing my auctions that the free guides out there just don't tell you, and at the same time as small as it seems my eBaying has actually helped me feel like I'm doing something by choice that isn't already predefined by the track that I call my life. Get up, go to work, come home, play with my son, watch TV, go to sleep... I hate monotony and both the blog and the eBaying break that monotony....

Finally as you can probably tell by this long winded post I really love to hear myself speak... or read myself write.... :)

I look forward to exploring all of your blogs!
My blog is http://maryelleni.blogspot.com.

I started blogging after my son was born as a way to share news and pictures with our family who live far away. I like to share our family's stories, record our memories, and throw in random things about what we're doing. I love reading blogs, and I look forward to reading yours!
My Blog is- Vivianne's Vista

I started blogging a few months ago during a time when I was out of work. I found it to be therapeutic and enjoyed being able to reach out to other Moms from the comfort of my living room. I was also going through a lot with my Ex and really needed an outlet that didn't include Prozac!

Although I went back to work again, I continued to write on my blog because I had so much fun with it. My blog is a mix of parenting issues, balancing work with the kids, issues with my Ex, getting re-married, and random things that catch my attention now and then. Although writing to me is therapeutic, I also want my blog to be about finding the beauty in life, no matter what we are going through.

I look forward to reading all of your blogs! I think it is so important for Working Moms to have a community of support because it is so difficult balancing the two roles.
I technically started in 2009, but didn't get the nerve up to post until 2010. I started blogging to support my new business CjsRedCloset.com which is an online vintage boutique. So I started my blog http://cjsredcloset.blogspot.com to talk about bargain shopping and style. I share my belief that you can express your true self through style, but can do it on the cheap.

I also started another blog, I am a writer and have been entertaining the idea of writing my memoirs of my experience about losing a daughter. I started http://killsuperwoman.blogspot.com. I write about my feeling about losing Lauren, and share my thoughts about how, as woman, we struggle with wanting to be everything to all, and to be "Super" at all that we do. Many times at the expensive of ourselves and ultimately our families. So I hope you guys check my blogs out, follow and comment. I look forward to following you back and getting to know you.

Hi Everyone! My blog is e-pamilya.blogspot.com.

I also started blogging to journal being a first time mom. Then I learn I can monetized it so I tried that hoping I can quit my 8 hour job and just do blogging. Of course, I learned later on that it's not that easy and blogging alone would not be enough to pay the bill...so now I blog mostly to journal my family life and my kids' milestones.

Blogging is a fun hobby and it's great meeting other moms and reading what they have to say. I've been really busy with my work for the past couple of months and I've been using my blogging as a way to distress. Hopefully, I can pick up my blog hopping as well and leave some comments in your blogs.
I blog to share L'bri Pure and Natural skincare and sometimes I talk about my family.
My blog?
Stop over for my anniversary give away
I started blogging because I wanted a career with no boss, no customers, no clients, and no employees. Lol.

I keep blogging because it is my calling.

~Ms. Katrina
I started blogging for a couple of reasons:

~as a way to remember the little moments in life that make me smile, laugh, cry, etc.
~to have a place to put down my (often random) musings
~because I needed a hobby other than working, laundry, and all of that other less than glamorous mom stuff.

I'm so looking forward to checking everyone's blogs out! Sometimes I feel GROSSLY outnumbered as a working mom...it's nice to know there are others out there.

I started my blog to maybe earn extra money and because everyone else had one. I'm having fun with the reviews and giveaways but I'd like to start writing more "content" - we'll see.


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