I'm quite new to this blogging thing and I have my own reasons for getting it all going. I'm amazed to see how many moms have already jumped into the fray especially after realizing how much time it takes to keep it the blog alive. So my question is...WHY DO YOU BLOG? I'd love to hear some concise answers to this....I mean, we are all sooooo why do you blog?

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I don't think that I have overly funny of witty things to say, my life is not exciting or really anything but normal, but I desperately needed a way to use my brain beyond singing silly songs, cooking dinner and doing laundry. Since we are a one car family I get out of the house rarely so I was searching for a way to interact with other moms and maybe learn how to do something new. I love my family more than anything but it sure is nice to take some time for myself.
A creative outlet, networking with other moms, the satisfaction of sticking with it, 'perks'...
I started blogging as a way to keep track of recipes I made and how my family enjoyed them. After awhile I discovered I enjoyed writing and that has kept me going... wanting to improve my writing skills to a point where I might be able to submit some freelance articles at some point. In spite of working outside the home, I manage to find time after the kids go to bed to do my blogging... it keeps me happy and sane, because it is something that is mine.
I stay at home with four kids, home-school, cook, clean, wipe tails, etc...blogging is something just for me. For me to write whatever comes to mind and be able to have contact with the outside world. I love chatting with other bloggers and reading about their lives. I also use it as a family journal...good way to keep track of what was going on at any given time.. :)
I blog because I enjoy writing about the places that my son and I have gone together.
I also blog because I like getting positive feedback from other parents when they find a new place to go on my site.
i enjoy blogging because i am a people person. i love to share with others. i love to meet new people and share ideas and opinions with others!! because of my bipolar and borderline personality, i do not work well in a "job" atmosphere so i am having fun finding things i can do from home, online, in fact!!
For me it's been a great way to rediscover myself and actually do something for me. I'm a stay-at-home mom and after my oldest was born we started to go through tough times and then we had our second--I had tunnel vision and knew that no matter what I wanted to be the best Mom so I completely immersed myself into my children and their upbringing. Now that the dust has settled a bit in our lives I began to blog as a way to share my ideas, experiences and thoughts on Motherhood and raising my two girls. It has helped me to regain some happiness and a sense of myself away from my kids even though I do blog about them 90% of the time. That is why I blog. And you're right it is a lot of work, but besides housework, errands and entertaining my kids we aren't really that busy. I usually blog early in the morning, during naps and after bedtime. It has been a lot of fun to read other blogs and make imaginary bloggy friends that I hope to meet at the next Blog Her!
I like talking about my fiber arts in excruciating detail, and that's more acceptable in a blog than a social situation. :-) Besides, when I started my blog, I didn't really have a "real life" fiber arts community to talk with, and this was the closest I could come. I also really enjoy writing.
Why do I blog?? That's an easy question! It makes me not so lonely throughout the day. I am a SAHM of 3, with all of my friends that I did have, having drifted away, so blogging gives me a sense of community and people to talk to throughout the day.
I started blogging for fun. Just a little thing to do. I'm not funny (on purpose) but I am occassionally opinionated. I've made some good online friends through my blog. and I've inspired others to start blogging too. I don't feel pressured to blog everyday (except during Nov) so I get to it when I can. It's fun, it's easy and it's an easy way to share what's going on.
I started blogging with my sister as something fun to do and to keep us close even though we live 400 miles apart. I admit I had no idea how much time it would consume or how much I would love it. There are so many great Mom Bloggers out there and so much support for each other. It would be great if we made a little money at this, but we're having fun no matter what.
Hi Lee! I started blogging a couple years ago when I found myself magically transplanted to a state in which I knew no one. It was a way to connect with other moms of like mind.
The thing is, I don't have time to go out and hang out with the girls since I'm a busy mom and to be honest, I'd rather spend time with my son or crafting anyway.
Having a blog allows me to get to know other moms in that kind of pop in and out of the house feeling. I can always find a few minutes at my computer a day. I also like getting great ideas from collaborating with other moms; it's fun to see what went on at their house last night.


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