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In my opinion, it is the desire of every mother to grow veggies and fruits at home but usually due to lack of time and too many households, kids and job responsibilities they don't grow at home. However, in this thread, I am going to share good reasons to motivate moms to start their kitchen garden. 

Health Benefits: Good health of the family, especially growing kids, is the priority of mothers. They don't want to compromise on the health, but veggies and fruits available in the market are grown with dangerous chemicals. Secondly, homegrown vegetables and fruits are organic without any preservatives, and you can use them anytime.

Good Taste and Freshness: I remember, in the early years of marriage, I was purchasing the veggies and fruits stock for a half a month or a week. Though I was storing them in the deep freezer but freshness was compromised. After having my own kitchen garden, it has become effortless for me to get veggies with complete freshness and good taste. Howbeit, if you think it would be time taking process, then the purchase of smart garden pods like this could assist you. These pods take care of your kitchen garden and provide proper water, light and other facilities to your plants.

Promote Savings: If it has become challenging to do savings in these poor economic conditions due to global recession, coronavirus and other issues, then you should go with kitchen gardens. Yes, they overcome your expenses of purchasing veggies and fruits from the market. Indeed, kitchen gardens support saving habits.

Useful Hobby for Moms and Kids: Yes, it is time to change hobbies. Nowadays, kids love to play video games in their spare time and parents also prefer to use social media, but it would be great if we adopt constructive hobbies. Surely, mothers should grow a kitchen garden with the help of kids as a productive activity.

All in all, in this thread, I shared my reasons to grow a kitchen garden, including veggies and fruits at home. However, you can share your ideas and experiences by commenting below!

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