At the beginning I got really stressed out because no one was following me...and I seemed to forget why I actually started.
I just really wanted to express myself, let the world know that I existed and most importantly, VENT!

Why get all stressed out? I just want to do what I love doing,expressing myself.If it's about the kids, the messy house or just some funny pic I came across while surfing.

Why do we get stressed out when we find that we're not getting enough attention from the busy outside world.

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My blog started as a way of telling my side of the story when my boyfriend at the time found a blog written by his ex that bashed both of us. It was such a shock since he never talked bad about her or anything. She wanted the separation and filed for divorce before we got together. I wanted to tell my side in a positive way. It's been a year and I have mostly done that, although sometimes, I get frustrated and slip.

I never tell anyone I'm their new follower, or bloggy bestie. I read and enjoy blogs. I love having loyal readers and interaction that helps enhance my life. But the pressure and the frantic follow me stuff....I just don't get. :-)

Living, Loving, Laughing
Having less quality subscribers who visit your blog regularly IS better than having tons of people who "follow": your blog but don't ever visit. However some companies look for blog followers when considering who to give review products too and I've been turned down based on my follower numbers before.
I have felt this way, too, but I really just want to write. We all want to feel like someone reads us and cares about what we have to say. That's natural. But some people use feed readers instead of google follow (myself included) so while it feels good to have a lot of followers, it's not necessarily going to show everyone who is reading. I've also realized that lots of people read and don't comment.
Well, I think the pressure is there because no one wants to talk to a brick wall. If we didn't want to be heard, none of us would have a blog. It would be a journal and tucked under our mattress at night for safe keeping. :-) The followers thing, I think it's just a visual reminder that we're not talking to ourselves. :-)
I know what you mean. I was trying desperately to get followers for my personal blog, then am like why? lol I came to that same realization!

A lot of blogs though NEED "followers" if they have giveaways. I just made a giveaway blog (seperate from my personal) and know that the more followers you have and the more traffic you get, the more products you get to give away! So Im sure thats why a lot of bloggers are so concerned!

I agree with so many of the comments. I had no idea when I started a blog (3 days ago) that it is literally an industry,. I agree with Tricia that we don't want to be blogging to brick walls, but I'm not so sure I'm ready to be caught up in the big engine of blogging. Time will tell. :)

I have two teen girls as well. good times :)

Denise Rivait said:
I am new to the blogging and feel that now that I have joined the group their is pressure to blog everyday.
I don't need another job added on to my to-do-list to blog just because. It's about connecting with others.
I enjoy writing and feel that this is an outlet for me to share my life with other moms. I want to to have followers
that want to follow not because it's a number. The same for me I will follow blogs that I have an interest in.
I am passed the stage of having young I am in the stage of having three daughters in their teens.
I honestly started my blog to tell our story and to vent (tagline: Blogging is cheaper than therapy). Later, I added a desire to improve my writing and storytelling. I actually don't sell ads or do giveaways... didn't even know about those.... and I have reviewed a few books but merely for fun and because I loved them. As I started exploring "blogging" I now realize it is a bit of an industry. But I still do it to network with other moms of special needs kids and to have an outlet. I will admit, I like getting new readers and comments... it makes me feel connected to the audience.... but I guess I don't really know how to "advertise" myself to people who would really be interested in our story. :)

i never even gave it a second thought. i don't think i'm a very good blogger and sometimes i wonder why i even have followers (even the few that i have) LOL!
I think it has to deal with money... If you intend to monetize your blog, a big number of followers might attract new audiences that will take that number as a measure of your success. What they don't know is how that number came to be.

I started blogging as a way to tell my story as a grad student mom and wife. I discovered that Hey! Blogging can be monetized! whoohoo! extra income for a grad students family! Not bad! why not! But then THAT STRESS YOU STARTED TALKING ABOUT came through and messed all up. Fortunately I woke up really fast and went back the starting point... vent, share, connect, help!

My blog is still monetized (just a little here and there) but I don't get anything out of it... ok.. want to have a idea.. like $10 in Adsense since I started...

So that's why is much better a loyal readership than just followers.. because the just followers will some day delete you and move on.

Bloggin should be FUN... no matter what you decide to do with it! IF something is messing up with that! forget it! :) Re-evaluate your status!
I really know what you are talking about. For me personally I feel like I have poured so much virtual blood, sweat and tears into putting my blog together and writing articles and trying to make everything just right and I wanna people to come and maybe appreciate all the work that went into it. I guess I get to feeling like that when I don't get enough of the appreciation at home sometimes after working all day, taking car of my son, cleaning and cooking but no thank you's good jobs or thumbs up. Blogging maybe an outlet to fill a void from the day to day grind of feeling unappreciated.

(The Mommy Chronicles)
I think for me too. it gives me motivation to keep doing what I love. I bake. and I love to share ideas with people. and to see if I have followers it keeps me wanting to keep at my hobby. also it is a compliment. if I get a follower....than I know that my blogging is doing some good.


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