At the beginning I got really stressed out because no one was following me...and I seemed to forget why I actually started.
I just really wanted to express myself, let the world know that I existed and most importantly, VENT!

Why get all stressed out? I just want to do what I love doing,expressing myself.If it's about the kids, the messy house or just some funny pic I came across while surfing.

Why do we get stressed out when we find that we're not getting enough attention from the busy outside world.

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I am really new to the world of blogging - I too, never realized what an industry it is! I'm actually amazed by it. I started my first blog really for my home business - to really draw in a certain crowd of people who are looking for a home business. I am doing that more through SEO and really focusing on the topics so that I can be considered knowledgleable in my field. Then I found these blog communities and found everyone getting followers so I started getting followers...not sure why but thought that was the thing to do! Now I started another blog, really a more personal one since by business one I want to keep professional.

I am doing Adsense on my personal blog, would obviously love to make at least a small income from blogging if possible. But can't you find the followers by people finding your blog through search engines. I know it does probably take longer, but I agree with least they are following for the right reason.
When you have a lot of followers, that doesn't mean you have a lot of readership. However, having hundreds of followers makes a good impression on people who visit your blog for the frist time. It also persuades them to follow you as well. It's a rule of marketing that people like what other people like.
I truly appreciated this post, it really made me think. I am just a couple months into my blog and I've already felt the pressure of needing followers (and comments). I really think it's about flocking (hence the term followers)... the more you have, the more that will come.

Sometimes I wonder if the words I that I write are being tossed out into the universe like pick-up sticks but is anyone even playing the game with me? I can't believe how many blogs are out there - 112,000 in 2007!!! That's a lot of people competing for readership. I want people to enjoy my blog and truly savour the content that I share. I hope to build a following of people who sincerely appreciate my writing.

What a great discussion for those of us who are new to the blogging world. I have already become caught up in having followers. It's that competitive part of me. I appreciate this post because it helps keep the reason I started in perspective. Just because I love to write!! And I want to document my journey in this life. It helps me not knock over my husband with words when he comes through the door and also it is lovely to connect with other moms.
I think it depends on whether you are writing a personal blog or if it has more of a business nature. In my case, my blog is strictly product review/giveaways and many sponsors have specific criteria for them to even consider you. The forms ask how many GFC/Facebook/twitter etc followers - so in that case, quantity counts over quality. It makes sense that if companies are giving away something for free, they want to reach as many people as possible.

IIf it were my personal blog, I'd rather have a couple of loyal readers who comment and engage in conversation than a 100 people who clicked "join" on GFC but never read.

I think a big part of it is that people think that a ton of followers makes you look important. On my old blog, I joined as many hops as I could to grab followers. This time, I have steered clear of blog hops and follow frenzies and I've actually made it known that I will not follow just to get a new follower. If I follow you, it means something and if you follow me, I hope it's because you'll read it.

I think that everybody just wants to be heard.....also it is nice to know that after hours of typing that someone is listening. no worries your not alone. ;)

I agree! Same thing happened to me too.

Kathleen said:

Having less quality subscribers who visit your blog regularly IS better than having tons of people who "follow": your blog but don't ever visit. However some companies look for blog followers when considering who to give review products too and I've been turned down based on my follower numbers before.

At first, I did not need followers and I did not care much, I just loved what I was doing but lately (Just started in January), I got some sponsors and I honestly want to compensate what they paid me for so I needed  more readers/followers. I think sponsors also look at the number of followers.  I tried to comment more on blogs. Although I try not to pressure myself too.


If you are just blogging as a hobby, no need to pressure, just enjoy.

That's exactly why I don't blog hop or participate in them. I don't want people to visit, leave some fake comment when you know they didn't read any of your posts so you can follow them. I see newbies do this ALL THE TIME and if it works for some great, but at the end of the day: how many of them are actually reading your blog? 

  • Concentrate on your blog content
  • Make sure your blog design is neat and clean (get rid of the thousands of annoying banner ads and badges). Having a few is fine, but having a ton all up and down your blog makes it overwhelmingly cluttered and messy.
  • You want people to see your content, not your banner ads
  • Visit and read other blogs and make comments daily
  • Post articles consistently
  • Do Guest blogging on other blogs

The list can go on and on...don't stress about followers, if your blog looks good and your content is compelling enough, you will have followers in no time.

I agree with this. For me, I don't want followers that aren't going to literally do so... it's a waste of time for me, them and anyone else. I want someone who will come read my blog when I post and give some kind of feedback if they want.


People that just hit follow and that's it just take up space and should be deleted.

Maranda Carvell said:

I think a lot of people confuse having an audience with having lots of subscribers. It's better to have fewer quality subscribers than just a bunch of people following you so that you'll follow them back.

I enjoy these networks and linkies as a way to find new blogs that interest me, but not just to rack up lots of meaningless subscribers. I won't follow a blog i don't connect with, and I hope my followers have the same principle.

"A lot of blogs though NEED "followers" if they have giveaways. I just made a giveaway blog (seperate from my personal) and know that the more followers you have and the more traffic you get, the more products you get to give away! So Im sure thats why a lot of bloggers are so concerned!"



This is why! The more followers you have, the more companies there are that will allow Reviews and Giveaways on your blog *and the better the prizes are*. If you only have 10 followers no company is going to send you their product for free, pay for shipping and send another product for free to the winner and pay for that shipping too, Just so 10 people can hear about their company/products.


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