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Would love some feedback on my site's new re-design - "Twice Blessed Life - Raising Twins Heartistically!"

I've been building content since 2008 and am now trying to take it to the next level.  Feedback for changes I could make would be appreciated.  Thanks!  And if anyone follows or likes, I do follow and like back.


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I wanted to see your twins? Where are they? Ease up on the banner ads, only keep the ones that dear to you so your side bar doesn't look overwhelmingly "cluttered". You are very neat and I love that. I would change the background color and use another template. I would like to see the kids you mentioned in your blog name. One thing I have seen is mom's showcasing some of their family in their blogs as another way for others to understand them more and even with the title of your blog. Keep at it and have fun with it!


Here is a great link to some awesome themes if your using blogger:


My site is with wordpress, but there are more blogger sites popping up that look similar to wordpress. 



Thank you for the feedback Sonia!

I have been wondering whether the background color was a bit too dark, I think I will look around for a new theme.  I also use wordpress, but I pay for site hosting, instead of the free sites.

I think I'll try making the ads a little smaller - some of them I have to keep so they'll list my blog and giveaways.


About the pics, I just can't put my kids on there.  There's too many nutjobs with bad intentions doing vile photoshops of kid pics they find on the internet, and I do believe that evil intentions aimed at my kids will affect them spiritually.  Professor Emoto also has done work with water crystals that proved that vibes and intentions and even words aimed at water samples did affect their molecular structure.  He even tried the experiments at a distance, and the results were the same.


Another reason is that there have been instances of kids in our church being identified in public because of their pics on the internet, and being harassed. 


Thanks again for the help!


Gotcha! Nutjobs had me cracking up laughing! That was great. Now, wordpress is my specialty, not blog design, but if your looking for something different, you have to check out OMG! You will find tons (make sure you use the filter and only look at wordpress themes) of themes to choose from. Any help, let me know. There is something out there for you to use, but when you do, make sure of this:

  • Make sure they have the features in the "side bar" that you want to highlight. Since you have some banner ads you must keep, find a theme that will showcase them without looking overwhelming. I have a code (if you look at mine) and see how they are all in a neat boxes (all together) that I can give to you when your ready. 
  • Make sure they have the Twitter/Facebook and RSS functions that you want to use at the top so your readers know to follow you easily.
  • Check out my blog resources page for other useful plugins that you can use

Email me if you need any help once you find a template and I can help you along the way. I love this stuff~!




I think you did a good job on the site. The only recommendation I have is to maybe enlarge the pictures once you've clicked on an individual blog post...because they are great pics!! I'm new to blogging as well. Can you give me feedback on my site? It's Thanks!!


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