Do you allow yourself to dream big?

What are your biggest dreams for your future? 


Answer our Question of the Day and be entered to win an organic, ToxicFree® product from Chae Organics -- from shampoo and conditioner to bodywash and lotion --  from our partner, Healthy Home Company. 

Yesterday's winner is Aditi. Congrats.

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Mine is to have my own product line. I am a sales assistant and I want to be out on my own working. I make my own products and have a website but I want to also get some of the local shops in my area to carry my products or to open my own shop within the next 5 years. I am working on inventory every evening and on the weekends aside from my full time job. All of my items are handmade by me.

That's wonderful! Good luck to you. We  love that you have dreams for five years down the road.

I dream all the time! My dreams are to just grow old with my husband watching our babies grow up and traveling as a family exploring new places and seeing life through their eyes.

This is beautiful! 

I dream of seeing my children all grown up and living their life doing what they love. For myself I dream of being able to do the same with the people I love around me. Generic dream yes :-) because I'm still trying to work my passion into my life. With two little ones it's hard, but I'm at it a little every day.

That sounds wonderful, Aditi! We hope you have a great time working your passion into your life!

I don't dream or look forward to things anymore. It's depressing, but it's reality. 

We're sad to hear this Tina. We hope you can still dream for the future even though it may seems a long way off. 

Honestly my biggest dream is my hubby's and my own retirement.  I truly hope we get to enjoy all that we have saved for in  future years.

This is such a simple, yet fantastic dream. We hope you and your husband do, too.

My dreams for the future, are to be able to retire, spend a long time with my husband, traveling and seeing different places.


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