What are your blogging goals this week? Do you plan to post every day this week? Are you working on a special series or a back-to-school guide? Do you plan to pitch businesses about how you can best work together? Or, what about finally getting around to putting all of the blogger business cards you've received? 

What do you have in store this week? 

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Now that I am back in the groove of things, got some mighty goals set for this week! First up, hammer out my editorial calendar for the rest of the year. Got a series I want to kick off.Also, doing some blog maintenance, removing/adding some helpful things. Feeling excited, will hopefully get it all done. School starts back this week for the tween and I work full time outside of the home, so say a prayer for me! 

This sounds great, Tiffany! Editorial calendars are so great and really make creating content easier. Good luck on all of blogging goald this week! 

My goal is to write each day this week! I am really trying to focus on my blog and brand and will also be researching how to improve myself each and every day. There's so much to learn!

Yes, there is so much to learn! 

Blogging every day is a great goal. 

I have a few different posts this week. I'm starting to post my Blogging Monthly Income Report and stats, I want to really start promoting my Gold Canyon Business and give people ideas with their direct selling business. Also as always post something crafty! 

I really love my blog!! ♥

We love reading blogging monthly reports. Those are fascinating because som any bloggers make money in different ways. 

Good luck on all your goals this week! 

I'm an organization freak. I am going to add a section in my planner for blog goals and accomplishments so I can keep track. If anyone has any ideas on what I should include, let me know. It will include blogging (or at least writing) daily, subscribing to and following blogs, and learning one new trick of the trade per day. Any other ideas are welcomed! 

That's a great way to start. We would also suggest leaving a comment on about two blogs a day. It helps build relationships with bloggers you really enjoy reading. 

I'm just now getting my groove back as well. So, I'm just working on getting my blogging rhythm so that I can post high quality content on a regular basis. Not so consumed with chucking out lots of posts as much as I am writing good content that will rank well and serve my readers well.

That is a really great way to blog. Quality over qualtity always pays off.

Great point, Teri! 


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