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Do you ever get sick of complete strangers asking you if you'll be trying again for a  girl? We didn't find out the sex of our second baby and when he came out with a penis all of the congrats and well wishes were tainted by the phrase 'You'll have to try again for a girl.' 

If we end up deciding to get pregnant again.. we'll be trying for a BABY.

Anyone else feel this way, or am I just losing it a bit hehe

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Well I would love to try for a girl.. Lol. But I liked not knowing what the sex was for the second baby too. So I wouldn't find out till the baby popped out.

I love my boys though! And well I don't have to deal with crazy female teenage hormones! Plus!! Because I know how I was.

But I wouldn't mind a girl, all the cute clothes they have. And well to even out the odds in my house, gossip later in life... see her have a baby. Kinda a difference with being a mother-in-law to your daughter-in-law, than I think with a son-in-law.

Am I even making sense. LOL I need to drink more coffee I think. But you aren't losing it! I hear it ALL the time!!! And not always by family. Random people will tell me, "Gotta try for a girl"
I would love to have a girl too! I just don't want anyone thinking that having another son was disappointing to us in any way, you know? That's what I feel like people are saying when they say we'll have to 'try again'
that kind of stuff really upsets me!! we have 4 sons and now a daughter. i am SO sick of peoeple saying, "oh you finally got your girl!" no, i finally got my 5th baby. i would have been fine with another little boy! we will probably have 1 more child and i could honestly not care less if it was a boy or a girl!
Exactly! When people say things like that it's like they're saying we made a mistake by making another boy. Or maybe I'm just being over sensitive hehe. I just don't ever want my son to think he was anything other then exactly what we wanted!
Actually I am trying for a girl (not that it will actually work!) Check out my research, tips, and rants about trying to conceive our fist baby girl here
I just went to your blog and am now following you. Have a great day!
I had 3 boys in 3 years, we are done!!!
I actually wouldn't mind having another boy. My god daughter is soooo picky. I'll pass on the girls. They are really cute though :)
I have six children 5 boys then a girl so I have heard those words a time or to. Now people are on to saying "Are you all done now that you have a girl?" I am usualy met with stunned silence when I tell them we have always wanted 8 kids, boy or girl.
My 2 toddler boys are only 13 months apart leaving me frazzled most days. Even with a look of bewilderment enhanced by exhaustion on my face I get this damn question all of the time. I had my tubes tied while they were hacking my youngest out of me so if it's a stranger I usually smile and say no I'm fixed but you'd be amazed at how many friends and family members still ask me this knowing about the lack of egg transit. To those closer I roll my eyes, exhale deeply, and point to my 2 boys who at any given moment are trying to take each other out.

I think I have my hands full with the healthy and happy two I have so I don't really feel the need to try again for ANY babies much less a girl.
I agree! If I try for another (I have 3 boys) it will be for a BABY too - not a boy or a girl!

Girls are a little high maintenance (being one myself, I can say that honestly) but part of me really wants a girl...
My friend actually gave me the book called How to Choose the Sex of your baby...haven't decided if we'll try it or not!! I guess I need to convince the hubby we need one more child to complete our family before I go reading about choosing the sex of my imaginary baby! HA!

I'll keep you posted if it works ; )

I just went to your blog and I like it. The post about being a cultured mom was funny. It's amazing the facts you learn from watching kids tv these days. The experts are wrong about the dangers of tv. I think at reasonable times throughout the day it can be a great learning tool (and the kids like it too).



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