Do you ever get sick of complete strangers asking you if you'll be trying again for a  girl? We didn't find out the sex of our second baby and when he came out with a penis all of the congrats and well wishes were tainted by the phrase 'You'll have to try again for a girl.' 

If we end up deciding to get pregnant again.. we'll be trying for a BABY.

Anyone else feel this way, or am I just losing it a bit hehe

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Truthfully... I want a girl. When I knew I was pregnant with my son... I knew that he was going to be a boy because nothing in my mind imagined him as a girl. Hopefully I get the same sort of mindfulness with the next one.
I'm pregnant with my 3rd boy just found out yesterday and I'm not disapointed. There are lots of people that are, but they have no idea what it would be like for me to have a girl. I would have been happy if it was a girl, but scared to death. The world is not the same for kids in general and I'm not saying that girls always have it harder but IMO they do and although we have to be tough on any child to raise them right girls suffer more, because it's easier for them to become victim. I'm black and there are certain things that I believe dark skinned african american girls have to deal with that are not fair. For ex. when I was young ppl would tell me I was cute to be a dark girl. How rude is that?

pink really doesn't match with my skin and my hair is course. I'm sad to say but for those reasons I would am happy that I get to skip on having a girl. We don't plan on having anymore children.

I still get that and my boys are 10 and 13!!  Those kind of comments are exactly why I started my company, Boymom.  It hurt my feelings not to mention my son's feeling because they were always right there when some moron would say that to me?!!  Now I wear shirts with 'BOYMOM" on them, instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I wear it on my chest so the speak! 

Just ignore those crazies, all children are precious blessings!

Amy, Founder and President, Boymom, LLC

I've actually gotten this question a lot lately.  If we try to have another one, having a little girl to join me in this house of boys and blue walls, would be great!  But whether it be a boy or girl, I would just be praying for a healthy baby:)
I'm happy with my boys.  Two kids is it for us and I'm happy to have two boys.  I would like someone to have a girl for me to spoil but it won't be my husband and I.  Sometimes I'm annoyed when people tell me I have to have one more or at least try for a girl.  I always said I wanted 2 kids and they both happen to be boys and I'm happy with that.  My great grandparents had 5 girls who's not to say I'd end up with 5 or more boys.  I'm not the one in control of gender.



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