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Top 6 Wellness Trends to Try in 2020

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4 Ways to Boost Your Fitness in 2020

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Hi my name is Deborah and sometimes I struggle with knowing if my faith in God is strong. I know when you ask God for something you have to ask him in faith and trust that he will do it; But at times when I do pray and ask God for strength, patients and understanding when it comes to things in my life I feel that he does not hear me. I start to get discouraged and question whether Im trusting in him as much as I should. I want to get closer to God and build a stronger relationship in my spirit with him. How do I build my faith and trust so I feel closer to God?

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Hy dear!! 

You are all good. Just skip the point "I feel that he does not hear me. I start to get discouraged". 

It is good that you realised some of the very personal emotions and shared it. I really appreciate it. 

If you would be asking about any other creature than Human! I was unable to answer but I can try to answer as Human to Human. You have to deal with humans in order to prove GOD that you love him.

You must clarify some following points with yourself:

           "BE WITHIN YOU"

There is no one but GOD. The world shall go.



1- Faith is only a decision. God is one and I believe it. Mean you must decide and not look back.

2- Practice, learn, Practice, learn, Practice, learn.

3- Patience, self-shooting, Personal accountability.

4- Do not disturb people. Provide easiness to humanity.

5- Think positive, Be positive, Begin with the end.

6- Think Win-Win

I bet You will live happily and not only you will love GOD. GOD will love you too.


Hi Brook Chloe thank you for the kind words of wisdom it means so much I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my post. I have some challenges going on in my life right now and I really need to trust that God will get me through it and back to peace in my life. Your points you mentioned are very uplifting I have written them down in my journal and will begin practice, learning instantly I have a joyce Meyers book that also is very helpful. She explains a similar technique as well in her book. Thank you again.

Thank you that you found it well.

Life is the mysterious creation of GOD. Human life is the most important to GOD. All other creations are serving only one creation. HUMANITY!!!
Why wouldn't a creator love his creation? The whole game is this question. YES or NO?
The truth is GOD loves everyone because HE knows everything within us. HE made us. HE introduced his powers to us. The way GOD love can not be understood without wisdom, concentration, focus, and practices. 

TEACHINGS, MIRACLES, BELOVED ONES, He sent everything, everyone. He made a reality which seems non-real these days because we don't focus, don't read, don't seek, don't' understands properly. This is a big reality what we think, read, examine, learn, understand, focus, experience and play one's part. 

You try to perform all these activities and make easiness for humanity. 

The point is, the happening we are experiencing is just for our satisfaction. We did it and performed it already. We can not change until and unless creator wants.


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