im new and im sorry if this has been asked before!
But I want to know , Where have you been stationed at and how did you like it?!

My DH started out at Travis AFB in CA. Which is home for us, we are from Napa, CA which is about 30miles from the base!
We have been in Okinawa Japan for a year (in two week it will be our 1 year mark!) and we LOVELOVELOVE it!

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Hi Courtney,
Well, lets just say I have been all over! First with my father who was active duty Air Force for 27 years we really didn't go many places with him. He went. However, with my husband I have been many because his carrer field as a Logisitics Planner we stay state side on average 2 years max. Overseas 4 years which I prefer! This due to my kid getting settled making friends and the experiences we share with them.
As a child I started off in Shonott, IL. Not sure I spelled that right. Dad was in basic and I was born in Normal, IL moved to Grand Forks North Dakota for 8 years!!! I was 9 when we left and headed for Vandenberg AFB, CA for another 8 years. Loved it there lots of friends, but the Air Force said my dad needed to do his tour in Korea for a year and right before my Senior Year moved us were else but Cheyenne, Wy at F.E. Warren AFB. Complete culture shock there but it is were I met and married my active duty of husband of 16 years and had our first daughter there. Plus we had always had family that lived there so it helped.
From there my husband and I moved wtih our daughter to Spokane, WA Fairchild AFB. We were there 2 years were we had our second son.. Then we went to Moron AB, Spain for 2 years accompnied tour. From there we went to Omaha, NE at Offfutt AFB for 2 more years and had our last 2 children a girl and boy back to back. Yes, I was busy! When my daughter was 20 months old and my son 1month old and a 7 and 5 year old to boot we loaded up again to move to Anchorage, AK at Elmendorf AFb for 4 years. We loved it there. Then we currenly have been stationed here at San Antonio, TX Lackland AFB for a year so far with the possiblity of in the fall of 09' to move to Ramstien, Germany for 4 years and let our oldest graduate there.I am starting to not like all the moves but it happens and has to be accepted as part of the military life. Bonus on this next move if we get the orders is my kids are older this time then two little ones in Spain, we get to travel and see so many wonderful things most kids don't get to see at such a young age. Down side, being away from family that long but you do what you have to do. We always wanted to try Japan it just never came our way. Germany sounds really great because we have both been there for visits and feel in love with it and the people. I have people tell me all the time I should start a support group of military families with moves and how to adjust. I do have a lot of insight into it being now almost 34 1/2 years of what I feel is active duty myself and a lot to share and give advice about also. Just let me know! I would love to go to CA again. We loved San Deigo when we stayed for 10 days before my husband deployed to Iraq to do the DIsneyland, Legoland, SeaWorld thing and stay at Cornado. How beatiuful it all was. It made me miss living there as a kid and teenager. Its quite the lifestyle. Not to mention I am a wine/olive nut and love going to vineyards and wine tasting tours etc.... Maybe one day we will end up there again. Good luck on your tour in Japan and Welcome to the Military Wifes Club!

God Bless,
Cori Pearson
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Hi Courtney,

We LOVED overseas too!!! Actually took us a while to get accustomed to being back home.. lol
Let's see My DH and I met in Italy, we were both stationed in LaMadalena for 4 years (I did 3 as active and 1 as a Navy Wife). We absolutely loved it. I must say i enjoyed more as the active duty member than as the spouse... then we were stationed in CT, it was nice, I was not the greatest fan of Groton, but it was close to family... We were ready to head overseas again when we decided to take orders to VA, were my sister was stationed... 9 years later, and we're still here... I really like it... OKOKOK not VA per say, but the beach.. having lived so many years in the Caribbean, i can't be away from the water for very long. MY DH swears I'm a mermaid.. lol
Just Camp Pendlton CA and Norfolk VA for us. We are hoping to get overseas orders!
Our first duty station was Newport, RI, for 6 months of school. Loved it there--lots to do and see, beautiful place--but would have preferred leaving before winter arrived. :-) Then we spent 3 great years in Norfolk, VA (we're hoping to get back someday soon). It's got a bad rap because it used to be an unpleasant place to be stationed--lots of run-down areas, downtown Norfolk was awful, everything else was fields--but there's so much to do there now and lots of great places to live. Then we got 2 outstanding years in Monterey, CA. I'd love to live there permanently...once I win the lottery and can afford it! But it's a gorgeous area and we were always busy doing stuff. Back to Newport for 6 more months, then another year and a half in Norfolk...and then the unpleasant surprise of a transfer to Ingleside, TX. We'd thought we were going to be in Norfolk for quite a while, and we hadn't heard much good about this area. We've been here (unexpectedly again) for over 3 years, but the base is closing (for good reason) next summer. I'm looking forward to leaving, although there are some things (and mostly some people) I'll miss.
Hello there!
I'm new to the group too. =)

My husband has been in for over 10 years now. He's due to re-enlist this year, I believe.
Our first assignment was Misawa, Japan. THAT was awesome! We were there *together* 2 years. We got married after he was there for a year. He swept me away from the states! *haha* We loved Misawa, Japan too! So much we wouldn't mind going back!

After Misawa, we got orders to Portugal but due to some paperwork messup (on the military's part) they gave us another assignment to Andrews, AFB in Maryland. It was nice there but I was ready to get out once the time was up! LOL

After Andrews, we got orders to Brooks City Base in San Antonio. About 15 miles from Lackland AFB. We loved it there! But the weather killed me! Too humid for me! A lot of rain... thunderstorms, and hurricane scares. I did NOT like that. But the city and it's people are great. If we got sent back, I wouldn't mind. That's where we got pregnant through IVF with our first baby at Willford Hall Medical Center. GREAT hospital.

Now we just recently got orders to Holloman AFB in New Mexico. We love it here so much. It's a small town but there's still things to do around here. Plus you got El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM within an hours drive. Not bad. The weather is perfect here! We just got here but I wouldn't mind living here for good. We get orders in 2011? Or 2012? We're going to try to go overseas again. Hubby's in till he retires so we'd like to try to go overseas before he gets out. =)
I spent about a year at Ft. Sam in San Antonio and loved it there!!

I would have loved to go to Japan while hubby is in, but seeing as to how he gets out next year I don't think that will be happening!!
Hubby and I started out at Ft. Lewis, Wa. where we were both on Active Duty. Spent a year there, and then I went into the reserves. Then we PCS'd down to Ft. Benning, Ga and spent a year and a half there. Well I spend a year and a half there. Se spent a year over in Afghanistan. Then we PCS'd to Hawaii. And we have been here for 2 years. Looking forward to being done with Army life next year and moving back to Washington and settling down!
So far we have been at Fort Bragg, Ft Eustis, Hunter Army Airfield, and Currently Schofield Barracks,
I am south of there in Monterey, Ca. before this we were in Norfolk. Virginia Beach, VA.
I met DH while he was stationed at Fort Hood, Tx then we moved to Fort Gordon, GA, then to Fort Riley, KS and in a few months we're heading to Peterson AFB. We're so excited!
We have lived in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Florida and Kansas. Florida has been my favorite so far. :-)
My husband was in Okinawa before he met me. Since then we've been at Camp Pendleton in CA, Utah for recruiting duty, back at Camp Pendleton, then Quantico, VA, and now 29 Palms, CA.


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