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Putting the Mommybar Badge on your sidebar (or anywhere on your blog/site)

1) Get the image. You can either right click and save it from the bottom of any MBC page, or use this URL: """"

2) Link it to this page URL: """"



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ok, I am not the best at making buttons...I have only done it a few times.
Do I just put those two codes together?
:) Debi
ps Sorry. I seriously am so bad with HTML stuff! LOL

Who Says 8 is Enough?
I finally got the badge up on my sites:) sorry it took me so long!
Lauren help!!! I am trying to get your badge on my site and it's not working (I'm whining by the way :-) Can you help? Please! I always have problems like this with my Wordpress blog.
Just wanted to drop by and let you know I just stumbled Mommybar as a great web resource...I will add a post to my blog soon too! I already have the mommybar logo on my blog and social network too, as well as my parenting site and party supply sites! ☺
I hope they help bring more sites and resources to moms! Thanks for this great tool/idea!

Suggestion: Could you get rhapsody free on the mommybar? I notice a lot of the radio stations don't come in, so am limited to type of music. I have tried adding stations and they aren't working :(
Mine is up...
mommyvomit - thank you SOOO much for this. I gave you a shout out on the mommybar badge page for your help!!!
WOOHOO!!! I added my button! I am dead impressed with myself for figuring out how to make it! Oh wait...I missed the height bit that mommyvomitpants added. still works though. Do I need to add the height?


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