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Hi ladies, I'm looking to have some twitter discussions with others that use twitter for more than just posting links. 

I miss the old days of twitter when we geeks would converse constantly on there. It was rare for a link to be posted and if it was, it was something relevant to our discussions. I know it will never get back to that, but I would love to have banter back and forth.

It's amazing how much the twitter discussions will improve your follow rates. People want more than links in their feeds.


Maybe one good idea would be if you post a question on twitter to your followers, post it here to the group so we can go look and answer it?

Any other ideas for interaction we can do there?

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Pretty new to Twitter. I was a late adopter. ;)  However, I love your idea! I'm mystified by Twitter right now. Haven't quite figured it out, but I agree...I want to do more than just post and see links. I'm struggling though with figuring out how to really begin using it...and failing. Haha.

I'm not certain how conversations took place in the old days on Twitter, since I didn't pay much attention to Twitter until recently, but I hear there are "twitter parties" now.  Perhaps that's an alternative way to converse? I plan to check that out.    


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