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Hi Mommy Bloggers!

I recently was selected to do a blogging interview on my blog!  I think, as a newbie, it is a great way for my readers to know why I started blogging.  I have to pass this along to 10 other bloggers and would love to share it with my fellow Mommy Bloggers.  Please leave a comment with your blog's website and I will be happy to add you!


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Hi Jaclyn,

My name is Bee. Not sure if you have enough beautiful mommas to do the interview but I am interested as well. My blog is Thanks!

i blog at   i had to put my blog on hold for the past year because my husband had to have another valve replacement in his heart and he found that he had cancer as well, so along with dealing with that, i had my gall bladder removed, i had double cataracts in each eye so had to have those removed and fixed...and i now have perfect vision again and plan to get my blog up and running now that things are a little smoother in my life...i miss writing in my blog and sharing my life with my readers

Hi Annamarie. So sorry to hear about the challenges that you had for the past year. But It's good to know you're doing great now. How's your husband?

Welcome back to the blogging world! I followed you. I would appreciate a follow back. Thank you.

hi Belle, hubby is doing better but he is presently on oxygen till the drs find out exactly what is wrong.  sure thing!! i will gladly follow you and thank you so much for the follow...I invite anyone to follow me, there are companies always looking for people with large followings and i feel horrible that i only have about 40

Thank you for following back and good to know that your husband is doing better. 

Don't feel bad, you're not alone. I don't also have a large following. I am sure we'll get there, in time. :)

Hi! that's awesome.

If you still need bloggers to interview. My blog is

Thank you and can't wait to read your blog. 

Kristin McCarthy

parenting humor blog

I blog at It's called work it, working mom and illustrates the trial and tribulations of balancing parenthood and workhood.

That sounds like a great way to share your voice and get traffic! here are my links if you still need someone or just want to check out my blog/social media.




facebook -

G+ -



You've probably gotten enough bloggers by now, but in case you haven't, I'd be interested!

Hi Jaclyn.

Farah here. Thanks for the opportunity. <3

I have an online ecommerce store at and my blog is at :

Looking forward to hear from you. Btw if you wish to pm me, you could do so at





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