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 There are many aspects of starting a blog. There is the technical (getting one set up). There is the strategic (what to blog about). There is the logistics (when will I find time to blog?) What has been your greatest obstacle, and how have you overcome it?

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As I stated in the statement, I think there are a lot of hurdles. However I think the most common is finding the time to commit,  and creating a strong blogging plan...What has been your experience?

Great question Shantell.  Time is a huge hurdle.  When I first started blogging I remember drafting posts and finalizing them at twilight hours when the kids and hubby were asleep as writing took up so much time.  Now, it's not the case.  I blog when I can.  I'm taking less sponsored posts and the deadlines are mine to set.

Thanks for sharing that reflection. I find that time management is a huge challenge for mom bloggers. There is so much to get done, it what feels like so little time. It sounds like you figured out how to protect your time. (Awesome!) So do you have a routine in place to create your content for your blog, or do go day by day?

My greatest struggle is learning SEO.  It's still a work in progress and I have to use the Yoast plugin to help me out.  Otherwise, I have no clue how to do SEO.


I think using the Yoast plugin is probably one of the most effective ways to be sure that you are being effective in your efforts. I love that it has a simple color system to help you gauge the effectiveness of your post. Are you currently doing keyword research to maximize your efforts with the plugin?


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