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Just wanted to say hello and connect to other Houston mom bloggers. Maybe we could list the area of Houston in which you live, how many/ages of kiddos, list your blog, what you blog about (if it isn't evident), and perhaps even share what blogging platform you use. Could be a great resource for help or questions!

I'm Nichelle
I live in the Humble/Kingwood area and have one son (so far), he's 2
My blog is and I blog about dance education
I use self-hosted Wordpress

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Ooooh, recipes! I'll be checking out your site, Cynthia! Nice to find you here. I already like the looks of that cabbage recipe! My husband is Polish and I have German on my side of the family so we get cabbage all the way around ;)

Have you been blogging long?
Hi, my name is Christina and I have a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. We live on the southeast side of Houston. Can't wait to check out all your sites! I am new to blogging and use blogspot. You can follow me at
Hi Christina! Nice to meet you. :)

I had a big baby, too! My son was born 9 1/2 lbs in August of 07. Like your "little" guy, mine was over 20lbs at 4 months. At 2, he's still big for his age but has started to even out and let the other kids catch up! lol

I started my blog when he was almost 8 months old - it has been challenging at times, blogging is a lot of work for little payoff at first. I'm still working out how to make it profitable, but mommy blogs have a broader fan-base than dance blogs! We've pinched pennies but I feel so fortunate to be at home with my son. I know you'll find a way to make it all work! I wish you the very best of luck!
Hey everyone - I am still very new to this site but I am loving it -
I live in Port Neches TX (a little far I know)
I have 3 children; 10, 8 & 4 months -
My blog is
It is a money saving blog with deals, coupons, sales, giveaways etc.

Have a great day everyone!
Hi - I'm Leah. I live in Southwest Houston. I'm a teacher, mom to two (Chloe - 5, Bradley - 4), married to Mike, have a big ol' puppy (Zeke), and blog about crafting, family, and anything else ( I also have a Project 365 blog:
Hi Donna and Leah! Thanks for sharing your blogs.
Donna, cute header and a great blog name, too!
Leah, it seems you've been blogging about crafting for a while - really cute stuff on your site!
THANK YOU :) I appreciate that - the blogging world is still fairly new to me - I didn't realize the "vast-ness" of it :) Have a wonderful day!!!
Hi Courtney! Nice to meet you. I'm not far from you - in Kingwood. Congrats on your growing business and adventures in blogging! Let me know if you need tips or just friendly support. Can't say I've been doing this for long (since August 2008) but that's quite long in blogging years I guess :)

Hi! I am Shannon and I live in the Northwest Houston area. I blog at Potamus Prefers and am the mom of two little boys born 366 days apart. They will turn 2 and 3 in April. My blog is a review and giveaway mommy blog that also features photos and life. I look forward to checking out other Houston area blogs.
Hi all. I am Harlisha. I live in Southwest Houston, and I have four children, ages 11, 7, 7, and 3. My blog is, and I blog about things to do and whatnot. This is my umpteenth attempt at a blog/website, but I am settling into a groove and am really enjoying it. I use Blogger.

I am enjoying everyone else's blogs, by the way. Have a great evening!
Hi Shannon and Harlisha!

You both have busy families. I've got one kiddo and I can barely keep up! Kudos to you both :)

Harlisha, I'll keep an eye on your site. Always fun to find new things to do with my little one.

Shannon, I see you have a background in journalism. I'm new to writing but my blog certainly has a journalistic approach. Sometimes I wish I had the training but I'm learning! Very cute site design, by the way.

On a side note... anyone go to the Mom 2.0 Summit last weekend in Houston? If so, how was it?

Hello all!!
I'm Hanna...I live in Spring and I have two kiddos! Emma will be 4 in December and Aaron is now 6 months old. I've been blogging for about a decade now...I started with blogger, moved to pMachine, then to DNN, then to Wordpress & now I am back to blogger.

Please stop by for a visit - I would love to meet other area mommy bloggers - maybe one day we can create our own Houston Mommy Bloggers, group, too!!

Hanna @


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