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Just wanted to say hello and connect to other Houston mom bloggers. Maybe we could list the area of Houston in which you live, how many/ages of kiddos, list your blog, what you blog about (if it isn't evident), and perhaps even share what blogging platform you use. Could be a great resource for help or questions!

I'm Nichelle
I live in the Humble/Kingwood area and have one son (so far), he's 2
My blog is and I blog about dance education
I use self-hosted Wordpress

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Hi! Welcome and thanks for sharing your blog. It's cool to see all of the different kinds of topics and designs. Every blogger and blog is so unique!
Did I tell you I was raised in Humble? I lived there until five years ago when we moved to Clear Lake. I miss it!

How is everyone doing in this great state of Texas/Houston area? Are you getting geared up for Christmas? Is there something special you plan to feature on your blog that's "just right" for the holiday season?

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to announce that Love and Respect Ministries is giving away a free copy of Love and Respect for a Lifetime on  If you're interested in a Christian approach to marriage and communication, this is a fabulous book!  I'd love to know if you check it out! 


Editor, Houston Parents Magazine

Hi there Sarah!  I am in Atascocita too!  Nice to meet a fellow blogger.  I am relatively new to blogging but I really enjoy it.

I am in Kingwood/Atascocita, too!!!






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My parents live there as well...I'm in Spring actually, though!

Hey, everyone! Welcome to all new folks. I'll admit I don't hang out here a lot mainly because I'm wrapped up in blogging! But I just wanted to say hi and see how everyone is doing with their blogs.

I know there's a mix of wordpress and blogspot users here but does anyone have any burning questions about blogging, growing an audience, improving engagement, e-mail lists, working while handling mom duties and all that lovely stuff? If so, feel free to ask. We have ladies here at different stages of their blogging, so I think it's a great resource!


Hope all are well! Have a great day!!

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Hello Ladies,

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Jennifer - a mom of two little girls, from Houston

We are looking for Houston bloggers to cover Comicpalooza 2014! You can sign up here:


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