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Hi all, is really starting to take off. I would like to add contributors to the site. Anyone with a passion for fitness, health and wellness is welcome to join me. Right now, this is not a paid opportunity, but all contributors will have bio sections, which can include a link to your primary page or business. If you are interested, please leave a comment or email me at getfitjenn at comcast dot net.

About PersonalFitCoach:
It is our goal to help our readers make health and wellness a priority. Achieving fitness goals is a very personal experience. We want to provide our readers with the information to help make the choices that will work for them. We also love providing reviews and giveaways so be sure to follow us and subscribe to our feed to keep up to date with the latest chances to win great prizes.

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Are you looking only for people who are currently healthy? I am just starting to embark on a fitness journey to lose 4 years worth of baby weight, plus the weight i should have lost before I ever got pregant. I would love to contribute and maybe provide a little "trying to stop being the fat chick" humor, and hopefully some good before and after shots!

check out my current blog

what kind of content are you looking for exactly?


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