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Sorry, Mom. I didn't listen.

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Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Keeping risks in our lives

When my son was little, I had to squash down my Mommy worry and encourage him to take risks: Yes, you can go down that big slide; yes, you can try to cross the monkey bars; yes, you can swing higher.As he gets older, the risks I encourage him to take are less physically challenging: Yes, you can go play with those children you've never met before; yes, you…See More
Oct 10
Lauren Markman posted blog posts
Oct 8
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Using stress as a teacher

I believe I have a normal amount of stress in my life: I get challenged regularly to take on new projects at work, I have stepped up my involvement in some outside-of-work activities and I deal with the mistakes I make and want to learn from.It's all good stress - the type of stress that once overcome teaches us about ourselves and what we are able to…See More
Oct 3
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Learning from my mistakes

One of the main reasons I do this blog is so that I learn: I learn what other parents are doing, what the experts say parents should be doing, and from my own mistakes. It's often hard for me to see the mistakes I am making in the moment, so I need a way to write them out, think them through and try to remember not to repeat them.And, as a parent, I have…See More
Oct 2
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

How's your inner peace these days?

In one of the Kung Fu Panda movies - I think it is the second one, but I've watched them with my son so many times that they kind of blur together - Po has to find his inner peace. I do recall the first time I saw that movie and thought, "Inner peace - what's that like?"To be clear: My comment wasn't about stress. I think I have a normal amount of stress in…See More
Sep 28
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Counting on yourself

My son is working through a math problem for his homework. (Not the one in the picture; that is slightly above third-grade math.) The problem only takes him a few seconds and he is upset because he has to show his work and not just complete it in his head. I let him grumble and complain through it, because in the end I will be able to remind him that it is a good skill to be able to complete math problems both ways - in the head and on paper.…See More
Sep 26
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Yes, your worrying is normal

Before I had my son, my wonderful Mom once told me that parents never stop worrying about their children. I absolutely believed her. What I didn't realize was that the worrying happened on a daily basis.When my son was a baby I worried that I didn't always know the "right" thing to do for him, or what his exact cry meant. Now that he is older I worry about him…See More
Sep 23
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

The daily schedules that don't match

In our county the school system decided to stagger start times to help prevent additional traffic woes in the morning. For our family, this means that our son's school day starts and ends much later than school did when I was little.On the one hand, this is a good thing: My son can sleep in a bit and wake up naturally (in fact, he is still asleep as I write…See More
Sep 20
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

When writing gets a little loopy

When I was in second grade, I distinctly remember the teacher from third grade visiting our class to teach a lesson. As she wrote on the blackboard, a slight gasp arose from the class. She asked us what was wrong, and one of my classmates said she wrote really pretty, but we couldn't read her writing. It was because she wrote in cursive.I am sure that some…See More
Sep 17
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Talking about differences with your children isn't enough

I did not grow up in a very diverse world. The other children in my elementary school looked a lot like me. It wasn't until we moved several times and I went to high school that I was able to meet and make friends from different racial and economic backgrounds than mine.And while I do not recall there being any specific conversations about diversity in my…See More
Sep 14
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

How important are things to your child?

There is an experiment that you can do at home, in which you ask your child to make a collage (or drawing) of all the things that are the most important to them. Even better: You could ask your child to make this collage as they enter each new grade. And that will tell you the point of time at which material goods start to gain importance in your child's life.…See More
Sep 12
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Tips for tackling homework

When I was little, I did my homework in several different places. I remember doing exercises in my Phonics workbook at our kitchen table when I was in elementary school. And there was the algebra homework I would try to complete in after school care in middle school. By high school, I did the majority of my homework in my room at my desk. What I am saying is: Homework was a journey.…See More
Sep 10
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Remembering not to nag

School is back in full swing here, and with it comes the change of schedules, additional responsibilities, need for greater organization skills and...oh yes: The reminder that nagging children doesn't work. Every year I read a very similar article that explains how nagging your child is perhaps the least effective way to communicate. Instead of nagging, parents should get…See More
Sep 7
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

The parenting tricks you learn on the job

I have several Mom friends who have children much older than my son, and I love to listen to them talk. They talk about the new hobbies that their children have, or the ways that they are navigating their child's education or they talk about the deep conversations they have with their children on grown-up topics. I listen and I learn.I love listening to…See More
Sep 5

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Everyone is arguing over screen time

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 8:47am 0 Comments

It has occurred to me (on more than one occasion) that it doesn't actually matter what the screen time rules are in our household, because someone will find a reason to argue over them.…


Parental free time

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 8:44am 0 Comments

When I meet new people these days, I am trying to remember to ask them what their hobbies are. Although I am generally interested in what other people choose to pursue in their free time, I have noticed that a lot of people don't have hobbies. Or maybe they do have hobbies, and they don't want to share what they are.…


Keeping risks in our lives

Posted on October 10, 2018 at 7:12am 0 Comments

When my son was little, I had to squash down my Mommy worry and encourage him to take risks: Yes, you can go down that big slide; yes, you can try to cross the monkey bars; yes, you can swing higher.…


What my son wants to watch

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 6:57am 0 Comments

When I was a little girl, I loved Sesame Street. I would watch it from our home in Michigan in two language - English and French. I am not sure how much of the French I retained, but I loved the Muppets and the familiar adults and children, and the stories. To this day, I have a favorite Muppet. (It's Bert, because he loves the beautiful ordinary things in life like oatmeal and paperclips, and he just wants some quiet time to read his…


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At 7:35am on January 8, 2018, Mom Bloggers Club said…

Hello Lauren - Just stopping by to say thank you for being such a great member!

At 1:01pm on August 19, 2016, Tiffany N said…


Welcome to MBC, I'm new here too! Looking forward to reading more from your blog! I'm from NC as well (Mooresville!)

I'm over at: Http://


At 3:10pm on February 9, 2016, Quirky Homemaker said…

Yes!  I totally agree that moods can be contagious!  Thankfully, it's been a while since I've had any kind of depression.  That doesn't mean I don't have my days when things overwhelm me and everybody around me can tell!  I've been trying to be conscious to not let things get to me so that the whole house doesn't end up anxious.

At 1:00pm on November 6, 2015, Lady Anne Louise Barrun said…

Hi Lauren. I love your blog. Let's stay connected. Please follow me on my social sites.




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FB Fan Page:

I hope you comment back so I can follow you. Thanks. Have a great day!

At 10:37pm on March 11, 2015, Lyn Sweeny said…

Hi Lauren! I love your blog name ( I didn't listen either) and find your blog very amusing.  I'm new to here and hoping to connect to some professionals.  Are you up to the challenge?  j/k I hope that I "see" you around though! 

At 5:34pm on February 19, 2014, Lisa Lori said…

Thank you!  I am so happy to be a part of it!

At 1:11pm on February 17, 2014, said…

Thank you for saying hello, sorry about the late response. Been a little busy with the family. Hope your having a good start to the week!

At 1:57am on February 13, 2014, Jolie Stultz said…

Hi Lauren! I love your blog and thank you for your sweet comment of my pictures!! 

At 10:06pm on February 8, 2014, Elaina Lamley said…

Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to learning & sharing.

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