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A Photo That's Worth A Thousand Words

I am not sure who wore who out, but it looks like we both had a great time. -) Auntie Mode loading..... Here with my niece, Emersyn, AKA Shady Baby. Happy February everyone.

“An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” – Sara…


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READ THIS! I've Cracked the Code for My 2023 Online Outlook

(Originally published at Degrees of Maternity on January 3, 2023

2023 it is! New hopes, dreams, and outlooks are percolating in these online airways. And, I’m no exception to pivoting at certain times of the year. But, I’m not looking at what I’m about to reveal to you as a New Year’s Resolution. No, not at all. As a matter of fact, my new outlook has been months in the making. I just didn’t know it…


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Biography 159: Perception of University life in Bangladesh.

 When I was in school (In Bangladesh, grades 1 to 12). One of our entertainment was watching TV dramas. Almost all TV dramas, whenever showing University life, it showed…


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Put the priority tag on the to-do list.

When I have too many works to do, I put priority on those work. Or just make which is the first priority and which is the second. Rest whenever I get time.…


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Don’t spend days punishing yourself

“Please don’t spend the rest of the days punishing yourself just because someone didn’t see your value, which made you doubt your worth. “
Everybody likes to hear positive opinions about themselves. We always stay alert so that nobody should get a negative impression of us. Now it's an era of social media. People like to have likes, shares and subscriptions or followers.
In this situation, you start feeling low if you hear somebody say something wrong about you. It…

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5 Most Commonly Used Breast Lift Techniques

Breast ptosis, or sagging, can occur as a result of age, pregnancy or breastfeeding, and weight loss. Breast lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that raises and restores the breast's youthful appearance. Excess skin is removed, and the breast tissue is tightened, reshaped, and supported.…


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Biography 158: Walking from one building to another

 At the University of Dhaka, all buildings are far apart. Thanks to Allah, rickshaws are available inside the University area. Actually, some main roads go…


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How TTC can be benefited from the Subway stations

In Toronto, at the subway stations, many people pass from one place to another every hour. They are of different ages, genders, and different economic…


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"Daal Puri" is my favorite tea snack.

"Daal Puri" is my favourite tea snack.

Daal Puri is a Bangladeshi snack. First, we boil the lentil with onion, salt, garlic, turmeric, and chilli. Coriander leaf is optional. You have to give less water, so it soaks almost all the water and leaves the boiled, soft wet lentil. Then, we make tortillas with flour, a pinch of salt, and oil. Then make a small tortilla or roti. Put a teaspoon of lentil paste in the middle and cover it with the rooti…

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Biography 157: University knowledge from my older sister.

 My older sister was studying at the University of Dhaka in the Accounting department. Her faculty was Commerce. She is 3 years of senior to me. At home, I…


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When they feel bore

 Now a day, it is tough to make my son agree that he was wrong. He thinks he knows better than his mom. He knows how to argue and try to win.

But I know I…


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What to Know About Tooth Loss and Pregnancy

Nausea, vomiting, constipation, heartburn, and varicose veins…


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Being vocal

“Just because you don’t require a lot to be happy doesn’t mean you deserve the bare minimum.”

I don't like to ask for anything. Anyone…

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Top 5 Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Haven't you ever been the one to deliberately hide your smile? Fortunately, people like you can feel more secure by using porcelain veneers to cover minor flaws like discoloration or minor tooth damage.

Here are a few advantages of porcelain veneers so that you can make an informed…


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How to Live Intentionally

This is the year to live intentionally with everything we do.

Are you living life intentionally? Find out how to here:

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Steps to Take When Upgrading Your Brake Rotors

One of the first rules every new car owner learns is that they need to check on their braking system every once in a while. The braking system consists of over 40 parts but the most visible ones are the brake pads and the brake rotors. The brake rotors are visible from the wheels and they are the circular discs that the pads press into to stop the…


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Time-Saving Cooking Ideas for Busy Moms

You're never truly free as a woman, especially as a mother. Whether a working mom or a stay-at-home-wife, you will always be kept busy with responsibilities, i.e., doing dual shifts; managing your job and your family. Hence, the phrase "…


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It's All About The Baby, Baby

Remember the movie, It’s all about the Benjamins, baby? Well, these days, it’s all about the Baby, Baby. Someone asked me what I have been up to lately. My response. Aunting. The Aunt has been Aunting. I’ll break that down:

When someone has been killing it at what they are doing… we take that word and add an “ing” to the end. For reference, Urban Dictionary defines Aunting as: The Act(s) of being an aunt, usually in an awesome way.…


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Biography 156: A teacher

 I have studied at Eden Mohila College for 1 month. After getting admission from the University of Dhaka, I left that college. I was in stress and angry…


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Why Is Family Medicine Important?

The reality of life is that everyone will get sick or injured at some point. When this occurs, the need for a trusted physician is often recognized. However, many people fail to invest in healthcare until something goes wrong. Having a regular family physician is an important part of maintaining your health and wellness, and can also make the process of receiving care when you are already sick or injured, easier and more efficient. Continue reading to learn…


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