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Online Doctor Consultation in India

The free online doctor consultation is what the present generation do it themselves before going for treatment. This kind of online consultation happens due to the availability of E-health services or the telemedicine technology. Today, people do consult with doctors or physicians smartly with their smart phone, laptop and home PC at their convenient time through trusted online doctor website. This save your time money and get you to the right procedures or treatment. Your health is much…


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Switching between work and family

I've talked before about how my brain is compartmentalized. I have a hard time moving between work and family life without a transition period in between (which is why I've been able to make my peace with traffic).…


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How To Minimize The Appearance Of  Cellulite Dimples On The Butt?

Cellulites must count as one of the most pervasive, most persistent skin problems affecting women physically but, more importantly, that bring down their self-esteem and confidence. If cellulites count as one of the things that…


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5 Easy Steps To Prevent Sagging And Fine Lines Around The Eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Well, if people will constantly peek through the windows of our soul, wouldn’t we want that window to be, at least, pretty (or very pretty!)? Sagging of the skin around the eyes and some fine lines appear as we grow, ahem, older. But sometimes, primarily due to stress, that particular skin ages too fast!

Now, what can we do to make the aging process slower? I mean, can we do something about our skin aging fast? Yes, we can!…


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ADHD Statistics – A Thorough Guide

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, i.e. ADHD, is nothing but a mental disorder which can be often seen in children. Some of the common symptoms of ADHD include paying attention, concentration trouble, remembering all the minute details and staying organized.

Albeit, ADHD is difficult health condition to diagnose, but when left untreated it can lead to troublemakers or much severe issues in children. So, initially ensure to know thoroughly about the basic symptoms of…


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Five of the Most Common Reasons for ER Visits

In the United States, there are well over 100 million visits to the emergency room each year, but less than half of them are due to injury. The top five reasons why people visit emergency rooms may be surprising. Here they are:

1. Headaches…


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Sacramento 2017 County Fair

30 Years of Fun Fair Food – Corn Dogs, Pizza, and Entertainment

This year the Sacramento County Fair is on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-29, 2017.  I will be attending a media night next week before the fair is open to the public and will share on my blog and social media channels all my fun finds, be sure to follow along on social media and check…

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An Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Right Baby Blanket For Your Little Monster

For every parent, holding their child warmly is a feeling full of emotions. The baby’s first breath on the earth can fill the parent’s heart with love, care and affection. So, every parent wants to keep their child safe and comfortable. Infants are not born with the ability to change their own body temperature, so baby blankets are one of the most important items on every parent’s check-list.

For a new parent, buying the right kind of blanket for their child can be a tedious process.…


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Parenting Coordinators and What They Do

In going through the process of divorce, there are many things that must be taken into considerations. It is important for the divorcing couple to take care of several matters such as the separation of their conjugal properties, the custody of their children, the obligation for child support and the payment of alimony. These legal matters may be adjudicated in the main case for divorce or in a separate action depending on the parties involved. Some of these issues may also be…


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7 Ideas to Make Your House Cleaning Easier


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SBAO Rectangle Shell Retro Digital Quartz Watch Waterproof Wristwatch Silver

Are you looking for a watch that’s both luxuriate as well as simple? Well, the rectangular, silver in color, and waterproof digital quartz watch is the watch for you. This watch is waterproof to 30 meters (99 feet) and can withstand splashes for those moments where you may decide to walk along the beach on a quiet evening after a lovely meal with friends or a significant other. The SBAO diamond watch can also withstand a brief immersion in water; just for those moments when the playful side…


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How to talk to adult children


When your child was three years old, you had one way to communicate. Due to their immaturity, chances are you were more directive and direct with them. “Don’t touch the hot stove!” or “Let’s go use the potty!” These were the ways we communicated based on the needs of the moment.

Through the years, you had to go with the flow in talking to your child. Middle child brought another shifting. In the teen years, you might have felt like you were talking to an…


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Money Saving Tips

When I meet with people about their budget, many times people think there is no where else they can find money to help pay off debt, or save for a vacation.  

Here are some places that I have had to re-evaluate over time when I needed to adjust our budget.  These areas are good to look at even if you are debt free or have a good budget that you work with…

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Top Reasons to Hire a Calligrapher for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether you are the bride or the mother of the bride, there are countless details to consider. One of them is invitations and another is gifts for the guests. Consider some top reasons to hire a calligrapher for your wedding plans.

Unique Invitations

Printed invitations are generic. Hand-writing your invitations…


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What To Look For In a House, According To The Most Popular Architecture Styles

House-hunting is a complex process. There are so many factors to balance, from your budget to the area to the condition of the place you’re thinking to buy.

And that’s without taking into account the style of the house itself! Perhaps you have big ideas about how you’d like to decorate or the amenities that you need, but if you’re new to the market and you haven’t given much thought to architecture in the past, it can be a good idea to do a bit of research into the kinds of features…


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Pure Radiance Restore Review

Disclaimer: I received Pure Radiance by Dr Sears' Restore Instant Volume and Lift Liposome Technology to try and share my experience.…


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Everbellus Tummy Control High Waist Brief

I'm not a stranger to garments that claim to provide tummy control. I have purchased quite a few that say they provide firm or ultra firm hold, but did nothing but disappoint. Because of the claims and design, I was intrigued by the Everbellus Women's Tummy Control Briefs / High Waist Shaping Panties. It had a Velcro band which is unlike any I've seen before, so…

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How to Differentiate Between Implantation Bleeding and Periods

A woman’s menstrual cycle is both a boon and a bane, depending on whether or not she’s trying to get…


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Getting permission to post

My son was looking at the Waze app on my phone, alerting me to potential traffic in areas that were not actually on our route. He must have closed the app, because he started asking me about the other apps and what they did.…


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The One Diaper Bag All Parents Need

All parents with babies or toddlers need a fantastic diaper bag with lots of pockets. There are many on the market to be sure, but finding one that best fits your needs can be an arduous process. Who has time to go to a baby store and sift through the myriad…



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