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Discover how Cucumber can rejuvenate skin + bonus product review!


There were a few things that I found I didn't know…


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I grew up traveling a lot around Brazil, and each time my parents taught us about the states we visited.  I learned so much from those experiences and I firmly believe that's when my love for traveling, exploring and discovering cultures was born. I'm forever thankful and I hope to be able to do the same for my son.

When I was looking for unique maps and travel-themed items for our baby's nursery decor, I came across Children Inspire…


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Beaute La Royale Face Brush Kit Review

I've always wanted a cleansing brush, so I was really excited to receive the Beaute La Royale Brush Kit. The price is affordable on, where it's currently available at under $30. More importantly, once you place the 4 required AA batteries into the cordless rotating machine, it's evident how…


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OMG I'm The Female Version Of Steve Jobs!!

Hubby is a crazy fast reader. He can blow through one of my 250-page manuscripts in an hour...less than the amount of time it takes me to drive to the nail salon, get a mani and drive home. 

He recently read Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick about two hours. 435 pages, by the way. What the WHAT?????…


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Japanese Hibachi Style Noodles

Japanese Hibachi Style Noodles



I frequently find it difficult to come up with dinner ideas.  I get so bored having the same meals over and over.  Brandon doesn’t very often have input on dinner, so he is of very little help.  To my surprise he came to me the other day and said….

Brandon: Hey mom, I really wished we could have those noodles we had in Colorado with Dad at that one…


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Giveaway Time! Enter To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card!!!


My friend and fellow author Ryan Ringbloom and I are working to raise awareness of our brand new website, Author Navigation - the online directory of services to help authors prep, polish & promote their manuscripts

Enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card to celebrate and promote the launch --> …


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Interview with Joel Fox, author of ‘The Mark on Eve’

Joel Fox has spent over 30 years in California politics, serving on numerous state commissions, working on many ballot issue campaigns, and advising candidates. An adjunct professor at the School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University, Fox has authored hundreds of opinion pieces for numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal,Washington Post, USA…


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End of the Week Confessions Link-Up Party #3

It’s time to Confess! It’s already time for another End of the Week Confessions Link-Up Party! Last week, we had 38 great link-ups! Each post was shared either on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest so make sure to follow me to see where your post was shared. Once again, this week I was able to visit…


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Life, death and Autism.

How do you help your child understand death?

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The Mommy Wars: Stay at home or Go to work

When my brother and I were little, my Mom was a stay at home mom (thanks, Mom!). When we got older, she got a job to provide for us (thanks, Mom!). And even though she wasn't home after school or couldn't be around to make dinner every night, we turned out fine. We knew we were loved.…


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A Plan And A Purpose: What's Yours? A Child With Dwarfism Inspires Others

Soon after Samuel was born, I remember seeing a friend’s baby at the mall. I leaned over to get a closer look at the little girl. She was sleeping soundly in the stroller.

I marveled not at the color of her hair or her cute outfit but at how long her arms and legs were and how her breathing was calm and in perfect rhythm.  I was comparing her to Samuel whose chest could be clearly seen rising and falling and occasionally out of sync. This was one of the first signs my journey would be…


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বৃটিশ আমলের মাটির পাত্র (Mud pot from British era)

[English version has given below]
কটকা গিয়েছেন? এটা সুন্দর বনের দক্ষিনে এক অভয়ারণ্য। এখানে বনের মাঝে একটু ফাকা দেখবেন সাগরের পাশে। সেখানে ভাংগা পট বিছানো, বেশ অনেক খানি জায়গা জুড়ে। অজস্র পট থেকে কিছু নেড়ে চেড়ে দেখলাম। এগুলোতে বৃটিশ আমলে পানি ফুটানো হতো। লবন উৎপাদনের জন্য। কোন কোন পট নতুন,…

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How Do You Grocery Shop?

How Do You Grocery Shop?

One day I was having a conversation with my Boyfriend while he was grocery shopping. I found this conversation so fun and interesting. He is a single dad of 4 kids. So through my conversation, I not only got a man’s point…


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A Way To Win The Battle With Tourettes

Being a Person with Tourettes can be so difficult and challenging.  For a child, it can be even more difficult. Sometimes it is extremely hard for the child to translate to adults what is happening to them and they cannot control the tics that occur. Many seek every solution in controlling the tics but most often, even after Tourettes is diagnosed, a solution is often not found.  I have read that some visit doctor after doctor and trying tons of medication…


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Credit should be given

Credit Should Be Given

In blogging, we often use pictures. But all to often, it is hard to find free pictures to use due to copyright issues or simply cannot find quality pictures. Sometimes we go to google and grab something or use some various website that offers stock photos we have to pay for.  Pictures are important because they can add more life to what…


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Uncover your Blog's User Persona

Do you know who’s reading your blog? If your answer is simply “women” or “moms,” then your blog can benefit from a user persona. If your answer is “I don’t know” then you definitely need a user persona!

At Mom Blogger’s Club, we’re always researching the best tips and tricks to help you create better content in less time. This week’s article and Thursday’s live…


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Vegetables versus motorbikes

My husband offered to go to the supermarket the other day while I was busy with the cleaning. It was probably because it was a gorgeous day and he could take the long way round on his motorbike. As far as weekend chores go, it was most definitely the better option, but hey, any help is…


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Goes With Everything

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