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Mega Craft Bundle II - Over 1000 SVG Images!

The Mega Craft Bundle II Cover
I'm crazy about these bundle deals and am still working my way through all the goodies in this one right now, but here's just a few things you'll get in this set...…

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Is Getting a Memory Foam Mattress for Kids a Good Idea at Younger Ages?

You need to check literally a million factors when choosing a mattress for your child.

And I will not lie if I say the material that the mattress is made of is among the crucial ones.…


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The risks we take

Sometimes I wish I could see the world through my son's eyes. For example, when we go to the large outlet shops near our home, he loves climbing/jumping/skipping around all the low walls, divided areas and various colored concrete sidewalk squares. Does he see that place as one big game level? If he gets a high enough score, will Mom get him a soft pretzel? (Hint: We always get the soft pretzels.)…


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What Your Child Should Know For Kindergarten!

School is fast approaching, or already in session for here are some tips about what your child should know before they enter Kindergarten, to make their and the teachers jobs much easier, and to help your child succeed!…

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Bullying: What You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Safe

Everyone recognizes physical forms of bullying, but relational bullying (spreading rumors, social exclusion, cyber bullying, etc.) can be even more destructive because it is more subtle and harder to identify, said Sandra McLeod Humphrey. Humphrey, author of Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure Popularity, and Put-Downs, said this type of bullying is difficult to cope with because it can be devastating to the victim's…

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Benefits Of Signing With Your Children!

The desire for enrichment classes geared towards babies and toddlers have become very popular in the United States.  Teaching sign language to children as young as 6 months, and in some cases younger, is a growing industry, and the demand for baby-signing videos and classes have gone up a over 200 percent over the last few years.

Signing for infants and toddlers is offered as a way for parents to communicate with children who are too young to communicate, a way for the infants…


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My Ten Favorite Movies of 2018

In 2018, from January to September, the total number of movies I saw, totaled about 35. I could do a complete list of them, but I am sure it would be anything but, because I always forget one or 3!

So I will just do My Ten Favorite Movies of 2018.

Besides Love, Simon, which most definitely tops the 2018 most loved list, these movies are not in any real order:…


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Increase Followers In Your Instagram 2019

Instagram has been widely used as a tool for online engagement may it is for personal and or business undertaking however this is not a guarantee to successfully obtain your goal if you are not making some effective methods to enhance your account. The increase of visibility in your post will be of great avenue for people to get to see your shared photos which means that there will be more likes and followers to…


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How to Purchase Instagram Followers

Social media has been creating its noise in today’s generation where it can be utilized by either for personal desires or business ventures. It is a fact that most people spend their spare time online browsing and scrolling their news feed and trying to get updated on the latest trends. According to statistics, there is already an approximate of 4 million active users of…


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I live with 2 boys. There is a saying, boys will be boys. This is very true in my life. No matter how hard I try, they will always make our house mess. After cleaning and put everything in proper place, if I let them stay at home for 5 minutes, they will change it’s look totally. Any outsider if visit the house on that moment can never guess these were in condition just 5 minutes ago.


My son looks like his dad. I am so happy for that. I don’t want to hear from my in laws that…


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Zantangle / Manadala Monogram Font Bundle

The Magical Monogram Bundle II Cover
If you can't tell by some of the other pages on my site (dragon, …

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Beyond Monopoly and Clue

Some of the best fun my family has is when we are playing a game together. It doesn't matter if it is a round or two of UNO while we wait for dinner to arrive in a restaurant or if it is a full hour of 5-Minute Dungeon on a Saturday afternoon. We love to play games.…


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Common Dental Issues in Children

If you want your little one to grow up into a young adult that’s happy to flash their gorgeous smile, it’s important to pay attention to their dental health today. If pediatric dental issues get neglected, that can leave lasting consequences on their oral health. So, here are a few issues to keep your eye on.…


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Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

Z-letter is very special when it comes to Baby Names, be it popular and common names like Zack or Be it less known new baby names like

Zion, They have a very specific charm about them, they sound special and powerful.



Added by Sapana Vibhandik on March 14, 2019 at 7:30am — No Comments

Perfect tips for throwing a preschool birthday party for kids

For several kids, their birthday is their loving holiday. And it is, as it is a day completely dedicated to them. The birthday is complete with balloons, cake, snacks, presents, and singing.

Although several parents have issues with the…


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In Spanish: Why do moms mom-shame so much?

Toooodas hemos experimentado la metida de otra mamá sobre lo que hacemos o no hacemos con nuestros hijos... Y si tú no lo has experimentado... sorpresa, es que la metida quizás seas tú.

Ya sabes a lo que me refiero, a aquellas…


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9 Doctor Who Episodes Set During the Victorian Era

It’s no secret I love history and historical fiction, but I also love science fiction, specifically sci-fi television shows.  One of my favorites is Doctor Who.  Maybe it’s the brainy yet quirky and socially awkward main character.  Maybe it’s the dash of humor in every adventure.  Or maybe it’s the time travel.  After all, what better connects all my loves than an episode about time travel?  This list of Doctor Who episodes set during the…


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Tabbs Trip To Grand Canyon National Park

When we left Kanab, we headed to Grand Canyon National Park by way of Page, Arizona. Originally, we had planned on doing Antelope Canyon, but as I said in a previous post we just found it too expensive for our family. (You can read more about it in our Kanab post). I was excited to do a little hike out to beautiful Horseshoe Canyon! Unfortunately, we just got too late of a start that day (Chris had some work phone calls to make, so we had to stay at the campground in Kanab). Something that…


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The building blocks for math

Whenever I take my son to a science center for the day, he usually spends some time with building blocks. Science centers always seem to have them - either the wooden ones in unique shapes you have never seen before, or those giant foam ones.…


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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Many parents have reservations about formal early childhood education, mostly because they believe separation from parents on a daily basis can harm the natural upbringing process and family dynamics or because they think that there is no need for education prior to kindergarten. Consequently, most children start their formal education around the ages of 5 to 6. However, recent scientific research has proven that…


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