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Tips from an Avid Cruiser - How to Select and Book a Cruise Vacation

Cruising is my favorite way to vacation. I love watching my phone signal slowly fade as we sail away until there are no bars or service. My husband and I have been on 3 cruises, and will be going on our 4th this year. Other reasons I love cruising is because it is cost-effective and family friendly. Where else would you be able to get an almost all-inclusive 2 week vacation for 2 adults and 2 kids for $2,500.00 or under? On a cruise you get lodging, meals, entertainment, and adventure…


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Tips from an Avid Disney World Mom – Breastfeeding/Pumping Resources at Disney World Parks

My family and I love Disney World in Florida. Before having my daughter I personally had been to the parks multiple times, but after having my daughter I got to see a side of the parks I hadn't seen before.  A calmer, slower paced side that I never knew existed at Disney World. I was a new mom with a 3 month old. I was an exclusive pumper so feeding my daughter was a little more cumbersome than just sitting down and breastfeeding her. If you are a pumper you know that you need some space,…


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Dynomike: Talent Show Time by Frankie B Rabbit

I loved reading Dynomike: Talent Show Time with my grandsons! It tells the story of what happens when a teacher puts up a poster for a talent show at school. It is asking for entrants who have all sort of talents, and it gets Dynomike and his friends thinking.

Each one ponders on what a great chance it…


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How I Potty Trained My Toddler in 5 Days – Part 2

I hope you found the first post on potty training useful. Now let’s get into how days 2 to 5 went for us…

Potty Training Day 2: 

We started the same way and took off the pull off first thing in the morning. Again I mentally prepared him to use the potty. This time I used the Daniel the Tiger card. A little bit of background in case you don’t know, …


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How I Potty Trained My Toddler in 5 Days – Part 1

The dreaded potty training phase that most parents dread facing when their toddler is ready (or maybe some of you can’t wait…)

My son was 2 months shy of turning 3 years when I decided to give myself a week to potty train him. He had just started some weekly pre-school prep classes at My Gym and I felt it was time. We used the “Oh Crap Potty Training” Method by …


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The Stomach Flu With Kids Is Miserable AF

It happens every winter and always at the worst possible moment. You’re just sitting down to watch a movie with your spouse, you’re getting ready to visit the in-laws at Christmas, or it’s the middle of the night, and you’re deep in a peaceful sleep. And suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, you find…


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Happy Wednesday!!!!!!

"Jesus I'll never forget, What you've done for me, Jesus I'll never forget, How you set me free, Jesus I'll never forget, How you brought me out, Jesus I'll never forget, No Never".....Happy Wednesday......Saints! I wake up....Praising and with a song on my ......Jesus is real.....All Hell could be breaking loose....But he is real......The baby need shoes and the bills are due....But…


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Today, I stepped on a LEGO

At least twice a month, I step on a LEGO. I look upon it as an exercise to hurt myself and not curse aloud.…


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Trying to love my post baby bod

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Not All Princesses Dress In Pink - Book Review

Baby bear & I love books. We read every single day multiple times per day. And so, I am always on the lookout for more! It was my brother who actually…


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10 Things That Happen When You Start an Exercise Log

When it comes to improving how consistent we are in the gym we tend to go for the complicated, expensive solutions.

An over-priced set of supplements. Expensive compression gear. A $100/hour strength coach.

And while these can be useful additions to our training regimen, they aren’t the kind of things that are going to make a consistent athlete out of you.

If you want a proven way to get more motivated to…


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Top 5 Baby Products That We Love (0-5 Months)

Now that we've passed the newborn stage and have probably tried (and returned) countless of products, here are some of the notable ones that have actually helped us. And no, I did not get any form of compensation for these shout-outs! I am just a firm believer of really great, noteworthy products that need to be shared in a non-compensated way.

Read the full post here.

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Tuesday Steps

"Every step of a righteous man is ordered by God, ordered

Though you may not know His mind

He will reveal it all in time, just know till then

Your steps are ordered by God" Fred Hammond reminds us on this very Happy Tuesday...Your Steps Are Ordered...It all seems like it's going every way but the right way, Sometimes, But know, Come what may, His will and way,Sometimes peculiar, Is working out for your…


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How to Love With Detachment So Your Kids Can Grow

For most parents, inserting the word ‘detachment’ in the same sentence with the words ‘love your kids’ creates an indigestible phrase. The word ‘detachment’, usually, conjures up scenes of parental abandonment and emotional isolation. However, a…


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How to Not Smother Your Kids So They Can Progress

From the moment children are born, parents are innately driven to protect them. From germs, heat, cold, allergens. Little by little children grow and parenting instincts should change with them. However, driven by the desire to protect children, parents are often too sheltering from the realities of life and the struggles they will…


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Making The Elephant Man: A Producer’s Memoir by Jonathan Sanger

Who cannot remember watching the award winning film called The Elephant Man, and, if they are truthful, the horrific fascination, and strong emotions it evoked? This is quite simply an incredible film which chronicles the life and experiences of John (Joseph) Merrick, cruelly labelled ‘The Elephant Man’…


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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ January 15th 1929, marks the Birth of MLK(Martin Luther King Jr.) 🎉 He was a powerful speaker, Teacher, Preacher, And Civil rights leader!!!…😢 He is sadly missed, by one and all but his legacy, lives forever! 👏 👏 👏 I never understood why we always celebrate,🎉 this great mans birth on a “convenient” day😔 Instead of on his “actual👍 ” birthday, but as for me, I celebrate, …🎉


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Your child's working week

I am a working Mom. I put in more than 40 hours at the office and come home to household responsibilities. I take my son to cub scouts and swimming lessons, and I go through spelling words with him at night. I would like to think that our lives are pretty typical of a family with two working parents.…


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A Day In The Life Of My Daughters Food Intake

At 16m my daughter loves food. Like LOVES food. Some kids will play through their hunger and forget to eat. Not mine. In our house, you can't…


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Babies are irresistible when they are sleeping, as every mom knows. This is what inspired Rookie Humans' founder and momma of two, Gabriela Anggono, to launch a whimsical line of crib sheets designed to create beautiful backdrops for…


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