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5 Steps to Improve Your Family's Health

When you think about the things that are most important in your life, your family’s health and happiness are likely at or close to the top of the list. However, despite how critical this is to you, you may not be taking all of the steps necessary to promote their health and well-being. You may think that you are making their health a priority already, but a closer look may reveal otherwise. By focusing your attention on a few steps, you can boost their health…


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You Ain’t Got Good Hair Like My Baby: To Thine Own Hair Be True

Welcome to the Jungle

It's the thing that is never far from a brown girl's mind--literally...her hair. It's been a long time since I did a post about it. Today I want to focus on understanding your hair type. No, this is not about knowing whether you're a type 3b or 4c.…


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What was that book about again?

Every week, my son has trouble coming up with a book to use for his reading homework. And this baffled me. I mean, he is always reading. Sometimes, he is re-reading a book that I saw him read the week before. And, I ask him questions about the things that he reads, so I know he is really reading them.…


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Essential Items parents may need as gifts for their newborns.

A baby comes with lots of celebration and as a way of doing this; people congratulate the mother by giving her gifts. That is, both for the baby and hers. Most of these gifts are brought during the baby shower party or just after delivery. There are many items that can be given to the mother and her baby but when making purchases of the gifts to make, below some of the most important items that should be in a…


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Moms Beware: 5 Health Risks of Working from Home

Hailed as the perfect career path, working from home is as rewarding as it is challenging. Moms all over the world gladly jump at the first opportunity to work from their homes, consequently spending more time with their little nestlings and finally having more time to cook those healthy meals.…


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Backyard Toys Your Kids Will Love

Summer is here and the kids need things to do. You could allow them to sit inside and watch television or play video games, but then they would be missing out on the incredible weather and all that makes childhood so great. Instead, encourage them to get outside and enjoy their time outdoors by…


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How to Handle Boundary Disputes with Neighbours

Neighbourly disputes are often commonplace in this generation. Whilst we would all obviously love to live in peace, almost in harmony side by side, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and disagreements do arise.


The most common dispute between neighbours are in relation to property boundaries. They…


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7 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Some people struggle with their poor body look. When you see yourself in the mirror, what do you feel? Are happy or ashamed? Do you feel content on how you and your body look or you are more disappointed? Facing the mirror can make some feel defeated. In our assessment, people will feel something when they see their image in the mirror. It was encouraged by how we see about our body size, our skin tone, and more though this can be solved with some treatments like spa regimens and some…


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How to Make Money Online as a Stay at Home Mom

Photo by bruce mars

Taking care of a tiny human who depends on you for pretty much everything is one of the toughest…


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Qprofit Review: Is it Legit and Investment-Worthy?

Qprofit system is a Forex trading robot that was developed by Jerry Douglas. Most of the customers who have tried the software claimed that it’s one of the most unique and convenient experts have ever produced for the industry so far. It also helps the user to understand the process of trading better and make a better decision in the long run.

 The developer

 As what we’ve mentioned above, Jerry Douglas is the developer of the brilliant…


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How to safely use Garcinia supplements?

Garcinia Supplements such as Maxfit Garcinia are said to suppress the appetite, aid in the body's metabolic process, and speed up weight loss as well. With all of these wonderful effects of Garcinia supplements for weight loss, is there anything that you need to know about using this dietary supplement.…


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How to Glam up Your Everyday Office Look in the Winters

While formal wear in the summers mean quickly pairing a top with trousers, looking glam while also beating the chills can sometimes be tricky. While dropping temperatures bring with them several style options, they may not be your best bet in a professional setting.

Although winters do not…


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Learning to moderate your own screentime

My son loses screentime when he breaks one of our family rules. This is a consequence that he is aware of - if you were to ask him about it now, he would recite it. But it doesn't make the punishment any easier to accept; he hates losing his screentime.…


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ZoomBust: Is it Effective for Breast Shaping?

The concentration of the estrogen a female individual defines her visual characteristics, especially the breasts. Now, most female suffer from a low level of estrogen, probably because of poor lifestyle or just genes. Hence, most of them are losing confidence because of their unshaped breasts. Women at early 20's still wearing padded bra’s so that their breasts appear a little larger than they already are. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you have natural and well-molded…


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5 main benefits of using and trading cryptocurrencies

The multiple benefits of cryptocurrencies are leading many entrepreneurs to be interested in this type of virtual currency that is created and stored electronically.

 metrics to control the mining or generation of currency new currency. All of this is done without the reliance of major banking institutions. Thus this makes cryptocurrency a way more independent form of currency when compared to something like the Euro or US…


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Typical Mistakes That Can Result in Muscle Growth Becoming Limited

One of the most common fallacies that people wanting to build their bodies harbor is that more is better. They think that bodybuilding becomes easier when you eat more and exercise more. The real truth is that bodybuilding requires a whole lot of discipline and not going overboard with diet and workouts. Some practical tips from professional trainers on avoiding common mistakes that can cost you a lot of time, energy, as well as money:


It may be…


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When does tooth extraction become necessary for kids?

Don’t even lie, you know you want to do the whole tooth-and-door trick to your kids when they’re ready to lose a baby tooth. However, sometimes the old-fashioned or natural ways to lose a tooth isn’t the best for your child’s health, and a trip to a pediatric dentist may be necessary. So, when do you know whether your child needs a baby tooth pulled?…


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I keep quiet

People get extra benefit in front of me and I do nothing, just watch it. Even when I was standing at the same place but could not say anything. Where I should remind them that I should have this benefit too. Because I was at the same condition as the person is getting extra benefit. But I couldn’t.…


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Ways to keep your kids entertained during summer vacation

Summer vacations will be soon upon us, and it is a time when keeping children entertained is a chore. It is a struggle to keep kids healthy and active. Don’t forget that an idle mind is the devil’s playground. Children should be directed towards activities that will allow them to stay busy and also keeps them mentally and physically healthy. Summer vacations are a good time to cultivate a new hobby or fulfill their interests.

Parents and their options for choosing the…


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Are you Parenting Honestly?

Hello! How was your week? I just got finished having the most interesting conversation with my Lil Mama. Seems the older she gets the more subjects we dive into with more details. The more we continue to communicate the more Q&A's we enter.

But here's a BIG question many parents ask themselves; 

Should I admit I don’ have all the answers? That I don’t really know everything after all? Would it be so terrible of me to actually “be human”? Would these admissions reduce my…


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