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8 Ways to Feel Safer At Home

Being safe and feeling safe are two different things. While your head may know the doors are locked and the house is secure, your heart still beats quickly with every noise.

There are ways to help you be safer, such…


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Altered images

Altered images, I have adapted, evolved changed to fit my surroundings, blend in, or so I thought. After watching the video of the pep rally in the last post, I decided I would change, HA not my anxiety, but my appearance there of. Typically before I would try to look decent but I never was all that concerned with how I dressed or keeping up with tends, as a mom, I was looking for durability, what would look cleaner longer- with small children- and comfort. So yes I dressed like all the…


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5 Important Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse in College Students

Substance abuse is the unfavorable use of hallucinogenic substances, including illegitimate drugs. Substance abuse results when a person uses a substance (or a drug) abnormally or, in a…


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Why everyone is Gaga for Gold Bangles - Homage to one of the great cultures of jewelry

A few words come to mind when we think about Bangles - Vintage, tradition, culture and beauty. Well, Bangles are all of these and much more. A simple form of jewelry made with gold going all the around your wrist comes from the rich heritage of India with great symbolism…


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Here Is How You Can Plan a Fun And Fabulous Birthday Party For Your Kid

Everyone has different perspectives when it comes to planning their kid’s birthday party. Some like to keep it minimal whereas some like to invite the whole grade. It really is best to ask your kids how many little guests they can handle happily without feeling overwhelmed. To begin with, make sure that you as a parent start with finding the best kids birthday party places in…


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Best Places For Tourists To Visit In Las Vegas

Are you on your way to Vegas? If so it’s a fair guess that you are not going there for a picnic, but instead, intend to gamble till you drop. However, though this might seem totally incredible, the fact still remains that there’s much more to Vegas than gambling and there are a lot of other reasons apart from the casinos that…


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Finding a Good Medicaid Dentist For Your Child

As a parent and Medicaid beneficiary, you may find that locating a good Medicaid dentist for your child is like looking for the famed needle in the haystack. Sure, states are required to provide dental benefits to young Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)…


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The Best Assets to Hold on to in 2019

Image Credit: Flickr

The economic volatility that marred the financial markets at the end of 2018 was nothing short of a nightmare. Assets are resources that are owned or control with expectations that they will increase in value. Many would be investors are frightened to put their funds into the current…


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The infrastructure chores

Like all parents, my husband and I want our son to be able to take care of himself when he leaves the nest one day. So, we teach him how to do chores. These include everyday tasks (like putting his own dishes in the sink) to weekly work (like cleaning the floors) to quarterly tasks (like purging unwanted items from the house). We want to make sure we expose him to the way the household works.…


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An Indian wedding these days is incomplete without wedding choreography!

Weddings in India can simply be defined as an exuberant and extravagant celebration! On one hand, the modern-day couples are going back to their culture, incorporating many traditional elements into the wedding events. On the other hand, they go to extraordinary lengths to make their wedding unique, grand and an utterly fun-filled party. This blend of tradition and modernity is what has helped Indian weddings of the present era evolve into a complete celebration.…


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How to Outdo Your Siblings on Mother's Day

Are you trying to find a gift for a mom who has everything? Or maybe you’re trying to find a gift for a fun mom, with a stand-up comedy sense of humor. Or, maybe she’s just a worn-out mom who could use a good chuckle. Finding gift ideas for women, especially when it's your mother (and you have siblings to out-do), is a nearly impossible task. If she’s…


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Cold Storage Appliances – Stress-free Ways for selection

Items like vegetables, fruits, meat, food needs a place which can be kept safely and fresh later on before or after the consumption. Invaluable equipment including freezers and refrigerators are the most ensuring products.

Careful study needs to be done prior to the purchasing of such merchandizes. Note down the capacity usage and the food items that need to be reserved inside. Space criteria are important.…


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Is the National Redress Scheme an Adequate Apology?

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was established to investigate the alleged sexual abuse that thousands of children experienced at various institutions across Australia.

This institutional child abuse took place at foster centres, children’s homes, churches, schools, sports clubs, orphanages, and virtually every institution which caters to children. They uncovered thousands of victims over a span of many generations.…


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The Benefits Of Gardening With Your Kids

Teaching your children about sustainable lifestyles and skills is an important part of their overall education. If you have room in your yard to plant a small vegetable garden, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to get your children involved.…


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Reviewing our family rules

My son is getting older. As much as I would like to prevent this, I have been assured that he will continue growing up. As his parent, I should probably accept this. He is growing up and I have to adapt.…


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Your child’s first visit to the dentist

You are their mom, therefore you definitely know the moment when their first tooth popped in. Seeing your baby’s first smile is one of the most beautiful moments in your life as a mother, but once their teeth start growing, you should know that your range of responsibilities expands. You will have to prepare them for the moment when they will have to see a dentist, because the best way to keep their grin on their face is to have their teeth checked regularly. The Academy of Paediatric…


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Be Prepared: Tips For Taking A Road trip With a Baby Or A Toddler

Once you have welcomed your little bundle of joy, there are millions of things that you need to take care of. From preparing the formula for the feeding, changing diapers, to being constantly present for your baby's needs. Anyhow, taking care of a baby or a toddler is a non-stop job that requires your full attention and special care, especially if you are…


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Knacking on Legal’s Door: What you Need to Consider before Entering a Law Firm

In the past, law firms and lawyers mainly concentrate on their legal, counsel, and daily client services. However, a present study had revealed that a big population of law firms is now focusing more on business development and marketing, trying to increase engagements so that they can successfully assist firm growth, and the clients’ development.

Since it’s becoming a trend today, pressures on legal marketers are…


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Specifics of Getting Canada Child Benefit in Different Canadian Provinces

The Canada child benefit is an extensive overarching program that provides aid to families in need throughout Canada. However, each province also has its own rules and regulations. Here is a breakdown of what the child benefit for each province is and how they differ from one area to the next. Regardless of the specifics of the child benefit in your…


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What type of parent are you?

My son is bored. I remind him that he has a list to look at specifically for when he is bored. He comes up with the idea of growing crystals from an old kit he found in his room. It requires parental supervision, but I am fine with that since he mostly solved the problem on his own.…


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