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5 tips for keeping your sanity after becoming a mum...

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I have been a mummy for almost 12 years. 

I love it, I actually really do. But at times, I have found myself slipping into the mummy…

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The Root of the Problem

So Friday I briefly mentioned that we have had some issues lately.


See, we have a very spirited boy, from the time he could walk (nine months) he was aggressive, rough, disobedient etc.

We had a few good months but it seems we are back to square one. By square one I mean slapping friends across the face, and biting the teacher. I mean at least he…


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The Beauty Closet's Top Spring 2016 Hair Trends + Recommended Products from: Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime


Springtime is near and so are the new seasonal colors for nails, hair, makeup, and more! Many of these can…


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What Giving Birth Really Feels Like, According to 25 Moms of Facebook

There really are no words to describe what giving birth feels like. I can compare it to lots of different sensations and emotions, but you can’t truly understand what giving birth feels like unless you actually experience it. 

Any story you hear about giving birth is a unique and deeply intimate experience.  Women love to talk about it, too. It’s a badge of honor that is worn with pride, regardless of how you brought life into…


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How did you announce your pregnancy?

Cute ways to announce your pregnancy

Did you just discover that you're pregnant? Congratulations! The two lines on the pregnancy test are a proof that you're walking with a baby in your belly.

So, soon you have to get the news out to the unsuspecting father, your parents, grandparents, friends and other relatives. So, why not do it in a cute and creative way? You…


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A Primal Wisdom: (SECOND EDITION) Nature's Unifcation of Cooperation and Competition by V Frank Asaro

Fascinating reading.

This book makes for fascinating reading. I am sure many sections of its contents will be cause for great debate by its readers, from politics and the gun laws, to space dust, and everything in-between.…


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Have you ever found yourself waiting?  Maybe you're waiting for medical news?  Maybe you're waiting for that proposal?  Maybe you're waiting for change?  Wherever you find yourself waiting, it's hard.  

I always thought I was a patient person, but lately when I have to wait it becomes an inner struggle.  I tell myself to have faith and to leave it there.…

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Is Italian Fusion Cuisine A Good Choice For Me To Start With?

If there is one thing that people nowadays enjoy to do and that is to go on adventures. People want to meet the world and learn everything there is to know about them. Ford is most certainly a good way for you to do. Italian food in particular is considered to be one of the most elegant and tasty choices out there. If you want to enjoy yourselves by eating really good pasta for dinner and combining them with a good glass of wine then, Italian cuisine is definitely the right choice for…


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How to Clean your Makeup Brush

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have enjoyed some coffee by now & taking the day on by storm!


This weekend I was cooped up at home tending to two miserable and violent flu needless to say I did a lot of odds & ends things that needed to get done, but didn't require a lot of attention all at once. One of those things was cleaning my makeup brushes...FINALLY!



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Facts that women need to know about growth hormone – How does aging change your life?

It is a fact that women produce more growth hormone than men and though this may sound strange but it is true. In fact, the production of estrogen seems to be directly proportional to the levels of human growth hormone. The more is the level of estrogen circulating within our body, the more is the level of growth hormone that is produced within the body. So what does this…


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Teaching girls to be afraid

Like most parents, I have noticed that my son plays differently with me than he does with my husband. With me, he wants Mommy to do things with him or for him and he tends to choose activities that aren't risky. With my husband, he wants to try new things, explore the world a bit more and generally tumble around.…


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Invisible Illnesses Suck...

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When I first started writing my blog, I had every intention that the main content would be about…


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Busy Boards - Dad's Taking It To The Next Level

Check out how this Dad took making a busy board to the next level ... and see some amazing ways to make your own.

Happy Mum Happy Child presents

"Dad's Taking Busy Boards To The Next Level"…


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Ways To Find The Best Motorcycle Gear And Accessories

Do you need motorcycle accessories? Well, if you are searching for the best motorcycle gear and you are looking to purchase the high-quality accessories, then you will have to find a store where you can purchase all the stuff you need. If you have no idea where you can find such great quality stuff, then you will have to start your research immediately. There are countless auto stores out there where you can purchase the best products for your motorcycle. However, if you have no experience…


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Exciting Features of Cricket Turf

Most playing game

Cricket is the most playing game throughout out the year. It is even played in street roads on a short level or even on a country level also. People are fond of watching a cricket match and even playing it with friends and others. The whole match depends on the player's experience, the tools of playing and the pitch on which a cricket match is being played.

f2107.jpg (600×450)

Construction of cricket square

There are many…


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Why Do You Need To Hire The Best Computer Repair Services?

There are always few services that you will require at some point in your life. If you are spending all the time on the computer or a laptop and you are always working on that machine, then you should know that you will have to take extra care of your laptop so you can keep it in working. If you are facing issues with your laptop and you think that it require some repairing, then you should always search for the best quality computer repair in Orlando FL so you can get rid of the problems…


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Home Phone Etiquette

Everybody is accessible ALL the time now.  Most of the time, this is a wonderful thing.  My car breaks down? No problem! I just call for a tow truck on my cell.  Late for my dinner engagement?  No worries; I’ll just shoot them a text message.  However, there are those moments (and I know you know what I’m talking about here) when I really wish I was…


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Worst Day ever turned out Greta;

Yesterday I was bashed online by a bunch of girls on the preggie app. And then received money for gas from people who didn't even know me just because I'm pregnant.

What had caught these people a attention was the fact that I was sitting down eating peanut butter mixes with caramel and frosting while my fiancé was unloading the trunk. So they asked us if we were OK. My fiancé explained our situation of being homeless and not being from Florida. We had a lot of damage done to our hondai… Continue

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How I Met Your Father Part 2...

Read Part 1 here...
Previously on How I met your father...

We last left Betsy deciding whether or not to accept the lift from her overly amorous work colleague, read on to find out what happened next...


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