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Blogging Truths Be Told: Stalking Your Numbers and Comparing Them to Others - (Part 2)

Today is a day for continuation . . . specifically, continuation of the discussion from last week's Blogging Truths Be Told: Stalking Your Numbers and Comparing Them to Others. Since I wasn't completely finished with my thoughts from last Friday, I've decided to unload the rest of them on you this fine day. And just so you know, the rest of what I…


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Blogging Truths Be Told: Stalking Your Numbers and Comparing Them to Others

Have you ever noticed how the content creators who have the numbers are predominantly those individuals who preach that content creators with little-to-no audiences shouldn't focus intently on (or be down-right obsessed with) their numbers?

Seriously, have you or am I just imagining hearing and reading the same sentiments touted over and over again? Rhetorical question. I mean I could be a bit cynical here and need a reality check, but I don't think so. Experience in the creative…


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What to Consider Before Becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom

When you are planning for a family, expenses are always a concern. Whether you plan to return to work quickly or would prefer to stay home for a while, there is no question that becoming a mother changes your financial picture. If you want to stay home past the length of paid leave your company offers, you may wonder…


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Nebility Female waist trimmer

It has been seen that there are ladies who go through hours doing exercise yet they don't get the ideal outcome. Have you at any point figured what can be the purpose for this? Getting the ideal outcome from an exercise is a troublesome errand, yet you can simplify it by utilizing the best waist trainer for ladies. These are created to help you in your activity, and you can lose weight a lot quicker. Presently, how…


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Why choose a trash container for your washroom?

The bathroom is the only region in our house, which needs to hygienic and most-cleaned as possible. We always try multiple ways like using air fresher’s, or liquids to make our bathroom look hygienic and clean. But we always ignore using the trash containers because they are the ones, which help us in making it more cleaned and hygienic. Besides this,…


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What are the various advantages of choosing pant hangers?

These days, we are so much busy in our professional life and we always want to make our life easier. For example, instead of washing clothes along with the machines, we choose to wash them along with the fully-automatic machines. On the other hand, we choose hanging pants or clothes on the hangers so that we can make them look cool and let them get…


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5 On-the-Go Activities that Will Help Your Preschooler be a Better Reader

Activities that Help Your Preschooler 

If are the parent of a preschooler, you are probably trying to keep your head above water. Four and…


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How Moms Strengthen Their Hair Strands In Three Steps

Mom Hair Syndrome

Like the rest of you, your hair is unique, and if you are a mom, your hair is probably in more trouble than the rest of us. You may have thin, thick, curly, wavy, blonde, black, or brown hair. The fantastic thing…


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Planning a Kid's Party? Unleash Your Kid's Creativity with Virtual Art Classes and Live Music

If you're like me, you've just about run out of ideas of things to do with your kids, and now, a birthday is coming up, which of course, you're expected to plan, and you don't have a clue how to make it fun and safe. I recently found out about the Virtual entertainment company Paint and Sip LIVE at, and it's a fun, safe, and engaging event for kids and adults of all ages. The party events combine music with art, captivating kids in a new experience. And since there's a…


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Five Tips For Starting Your Own Mom Blog This Year

Mom blogs are a great way to share your experiences and parenting advice with your community. Although running a successful blog can be challenging, it gives you the chance to develop a new interest around something that you are quickly gaining knowledge…


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Shapewear For Fitness Men to Buy

Compress Workout Vest Waist Trainer Undershirt

Our carefully selected composite fabrics (60% nylon and 40% spandex combined) are designed to create the ultimate fat…


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Being Single and Happy

Yes! You Can Be Happy Being Single!

Single and happy are two words rarely used in the same sentence, unless of course, you’re single and actually happy. The fact of the matter is, there are many singles out there who actually enjoy every single moment. It all begins with the need to understand that there is a distinct difference between…


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6 Signs That Your Child Needs a Hearing Test

For children, hearing is an integral part of their cognitive and social development. Hearing loss can delay a child’s ability to develop speech, language,…


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5 Healthy Habits for the Busy Mo

Busy moms have a hard time prioritizing themselves. There’s simply so much to do in the day and, unfortunately, mom often comes last. Sound familiar?

We’re here to tell you a…


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Book Review: 50 Years in the OR by Ron Whitchurch

    Ron Whitchurch’s book is an insightful and honest exploration about how an OR nurse, specializing in anesthesia manages to cope. The stories contained in this book are priceless. They clearly showcase that a normal day for a nurse anesthetist is difficult and hard to bear. Yet because of this its probably the most exhilarating and…


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7 Worst Foods for Your Vaginal Health

The foods you eat have a big impact on your health. It can affect your skin, energy levels, gut health, and everything in your body including your vagina. Eating a diet high in probiotics, antioxidants, and low-sugary foods can be beneficial for your vaginal health. But not all products are helpful in keeping bacteria…


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How to find the right personal injury lawyer?

When we talk about attorneys, we know that hundreds and thousands of attorneys would be willing to fight our case. the good thing is that we can rely on most of them out there and let them handle our case with the level of professionalism that is required for it. However, we cannot randomly choose an attorney because it can lead to a big mistake. There is a person to be followed if you really want to choose the right attorney and let them fight an important case for…


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AMENDMENT SEVENTEEN: A Blessing? Or a Curse? by Michael James Geanoulis Sr.

The effects of Amendment 17 on America.

The author Michael James Geanoulis Sr.’s, primary mission in writing this book was to improve understanding about why it was thought there was a need for Amendment Seventeen, and the repercussions of this amendment on the economy and society of America. However, he also ponders what the thoughts…


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Setting Relationship Boundaries as a Single Mom

Single Mom Relationship Boundaries

Raising children to be loving and productive members of society is challenging enough. Why can’t dating as a single mom be any easier? It can be but has a great deal to do with the approach.  Single moms must be okay with the idea of dating and know that it’s okay to figure things out as they go.

As a…


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Biography 20: My younger sister born

 One day I noticed my older sister and other relatives were very excited about something. I didn't bother, even if I would bother, they won't tell me anyway. But this time, my sister came to me with some pictures. She told me this is your younger sister. I could see my mother is…


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