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Holiday Hell

Recipe for Disaster

1 bunch of relatives

1 pinch of unresolved issues

a cooler of "adult" beverages

sharp utensils such as carving knives

1 small dining room

seating chart ( optional…

Added by Bad Momma on November 19, 2007 at 8:13am — 1 Comment


i've found more reasons to be thankful throughout the day. the most poignant reason is a blog

that i have stumbled upon. her husband died. it seems it was sudden

from her posts. she has children and is trying her hardest to keep it

together. i so feel for her. for me, even to think about being in her

position is too much for me to take. i can't fathom what it would be

like. i could raise two kids by… Continue

Added by Rad Ponytail on November 18, 2007 at 6:38pm — No Comments


i've been feeling very thankful lately. not that i am ungrateful ever,

but sometimes things just make me feel more thankful. this usually

happens when i have a bad day. like when i look down and see a stone

missing from my engagement ring, or walk into ellie's room and can

instantly tell that her diaper has failed us. or when i am totally

ready to go to bed 10 and avery wants to stay awake until 1am. or when

i keep getting hospital bill after hospital bill.… Continue

Added by Rad Ponytail on November 18, 2007 at 6:37pm — No Comments

Did you forget we aren't rich?

When I ask my kids what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas this year, why do I get a mile long list? Not only that, why is every single item on my kids lists, not under the $100 mark?

Money is of no object to them. They have no concept of finances. They believe for years, thanks to their father, that there was a money tree out back of the house that I went and plucked whenever I wanted some cash. ( I joked to hubby that this year things have been so rough, that its only…


Added by Heather on November 17, 2007 at 9:53am — No Comments

Want to win something?

Go over to my blog and check out my fun giveaway! Simply post your answer and you could win a fun prize! All prizes are free with no strings attached! You are entered simply by commenting and the winner is chosen at the end of the week.

Check it out!

Added by Rad Ponytail on November 16, 2007 at 6:21pm — No Comments

Have a fat and happy Christmas

He had a broad face and a little round belly,

That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself

Clement Clarke Moore wrote these immortal words in 1822 and forever established the image of Santa Claus. It was this description that advertisers used when creating the commercial stereotypes of Santa in the early 1930s.



Added by Tara R. on November 16, 2007 at 12:47pm — 2 Comments

Making Santa P.C.

OH NO! Say it isn't so! Is Santa another misogynistic male? Apparently

controversy over his use of the " Ho, Ho, Ho " greeting has broken out

in Australia.

The furore erupted after recruitment company Westaff suggested its Santas swap 'ho, ho, ho' for 'ha, ha, ha' because the traditional term could

be viewed as derogatory towards women and could…

Added by Bad Momma on November 15, 2007 at 10:00pm — No Comments

Random Wednesday

Lost Persons Area

“There but by the grace of God go I.”

(In the infinite wisdom of my beloved son, since the items I place here are not all bumper stickers, he informed me that the title is a misnomer. The randomness of the postings led to the name change. Please keep coming back, they only get stranger.)

Read more at If Mom Says…


Added by Tara R. on November 14, 2007 at 2:56pm — No Comments

Update: Rabbit

As of Friday, JM made it abundantly clear to her roommate that she does not want a rabbit or any other sort of live pet in their dorm room. She now has to deal with a petulant child that will either repeat everything she says back to her, turn her back when JM is talking with her, or simply not say anything. She actually ate dinner in their closet because she didn’t want to be in the same room with JM.

Class was out on Monday in observance of Veterans Day so JM had the room to herself…


Added by Tara R. on November 13, 2007 at 5:14pm — No Comments

Tell a soldier thank you

Sunday was officially Veterans Day, but today local businesses, schools, banks and government offices are closed to mark the commercial observance. My husband and son have the day off from work and school. I came into the office as usual.

Parades marched down area streets over the weekend, and ceremonies are being held at several Veterans Memorials and cemeteries. One restaurant in town is offering veterans and active military free dinner today.

I say it’s just not enough.…


Added by Tara R. on November 12, 2007 at 11:41am — No Comments

Flu Shot Party

Flu Shot Party, My house, 2007

My arm hurts so bad I can hardly lift it. I keep telling myself that suffering the dull ache of my throbbing arm is way better than waking up with the cold sweats, teeth chattering, body on fire, scalp aching, can't leave your bed for 5 days, influenza. That and compared to my ass, my arm is a dream. The huge tetanus shot which was leveled in my nether regions the day before my flu shot hurts so much worse that I can't really complain about a slight arm…


Added by Amanda on November 11, 2007 at 11:59pm — No Comments

Getting Beyond The Anger

On the first day of NaBloPoMo, I stated that I would primarily focus on the subject of single motherhood for this month. Well, I often struggle with how far I should go when posting about my personal life. Since my blog is not anonymous, I don't reveal too much. But I'm wondering if there are single mothers (or fathers) reading who can relate to my situation. My story is all too common, and it's really… Continue

Added by Dara on November 11, 2007 at 1:35am — No Comments

Twaddlers and Tweefos and Tweens... oh my!

It's really happening, Mama!

She's changing right before your eyes. The little girl that used to run around with hair all fuzzy from somersaults and a Pull-Up all squishy from--well, we won’t go there-- but your little princess is turning into a young woman!

Gone are the pudgy little legs that used to run with abandon. Chubby cheeks have been replaced by a softly sculpted jaw line and cheekbones. The round little tummy you used to blow raspberries onto is giving way to a…


Added by Mommy B on November 8, 2007 at 1:44pm — No Comments

Roommate Drama

Here is one of those situations where the kid is more than four hours from home, she is having a crisis and wants to handle it herself. I’m incensed and want to help, but also want to give her the opportunity to see it through alone.

Gotta love college roommates.

Puppy Seems JM’s roommate is a little lonely so her boyfriend offered to get her a puppy. A puppy the roommate believed she could hide from the Resident Assistant by putting it in a kennel under her bed. I…


Added by Tara R. on November 8, 2007 at 12:28pm — No Comments


afro thunder

The little one finally sat still long enough for me to pick out her afro. Whew! all that hair.

Added by Dara on November 7, 2007 at 5:05am — 3 Comments

Pregnancy Induced Abdominal Hernia

Yesterday I visited briefly with a general surgeon who specializes in hernia repair. He confirmed what I already knew...that I have a ventral hernia...just above my belly button. The only way to deal with it is to repair it with surgery....and even then its not 100% definite. There is a 5 - 15% chance it could re open and need more repair in the future. He wants to go in laproscopically and put a big piece of mesh, held down by titanium tacks, in my belly!

First off I want to… Continue

Added by paula on November 6, 2007 at 12:16pm — No Comments

I'm A Single Mother...Woe Is Me?

Apparently, because I'm a single mother, I'm supposed to be distressed, sorrowful, and full of pain because I don't have a husband to care and provide for me and my poor, poor child. Yes, that was intended to be read melodramatically. Ok, I'm sorry but I didn't get the "dejected single mothers" newsletter, so I've not been following that script.

This post has been brewing in my mind for some time, and my brain has only just decided to give my fingers the go ahead… Continue

Added by Dara on November 6, 2007 at 11:01am — 4 Comments

I was my daughter

Mom and daughter Our first born came home from college this weekend. It was a short, but nice visit. She was here to attend Homecoming at her former high school. We knew she wanted to hang out with her friends while she was home, and we also knew that if we wanted to see her at all we needed to ask her boyfriend over for lunch on Sunday.

when I was JM’s age, I seem to remember spending most of my time at my boyfriend’s house or out with my gal pals. I pointed this out to my husband - again -…


Added by Tara R. on November 5, 2007 at 4:29pm — No Comments

Halloween Outlet & Plug style

My kids have resorted to making their own costumes for the last couple of years, mostly due to the fact that I won't spend any major dollars on costumes anymore. When they were small it was a totally different story, "Oh, that super cute unicorn costume with the quilty legs and hood is only $37.99! That's so cheap! She'll look so cute in it!" I even ordered a foam strawberry costume out of a catalog one year in August, back in the days when pre-planning was achievable. Now that my kids are…


Added by Amanda on November 4, 2007 at 11:58pm — No Comments

Here I am

another new momma, trying my hand at this blogging thing. I am Heather, stay at home mum to 4 kids. Their ages range from an extremly hormonal teenager to a booby addicted baby. In other words, I want to pull my hair out and shove my fingers in my ears whilst singing lalalala, at least 4 times a day!

Added by Heather on November 4, 2007 at 11:17pm — 2 Comments

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