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Book Review: Naked and Transparent

Do you have fulfilling relationships?  More importantly, do you have a healthy, accepting, and loving relationship with yourself?  If you answered the above questions negatively, this book is definitely for you.


     This is an important book for anyone interested in self-improvement…


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How To Preserve Family Heirlooms for the Future

From a family ring, a treasured chair, or even an old uniform, many households have heirlooms that have been passed down from generations. However, ensuring that these antiques will still be around for your descendants can take a little work. After all, there are a lot of destructive forces at play. According to the well-known antique experts Love Antiques, a little damage will greatly diminish the value of the piece.

Here are some important…


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Flower Power

I'm so happy Spring is here! The weather has been amazing around here lately. Our garden plans are coming together. We even broke down and bought a rototiller, because we are serious gardeners now. I've got flowers on the brain, BIG time. I just want to fill my house to the brim with them. So it makes sense that I'm drawn to all of these beautiful, flower focused tablescapes lately. I've been pinning everything from small Easter table settings, to gorgeous fancy-shmancy wedding…


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Should Doctors Give Parenting Advice?

'She will hate you when she is 20 if you don't do this for her now.'

That is the comment the doctor told my friend in front of her daughter at the last visit. What was she referring to? Hormones to make her daughter grow at more 'acceptable' rate for society. Keep reading, it gets even better.

Should doctors give parenting advice?

Sitting on a swing with my dear friend, the sun warm, the wind blowing, we chatted about as our children played. With seven little girls…


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The Venue

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How to Start a Mom Blog?

So, you decided to launch your own blog. Great! And you are a mom or going to be one. Congratulations! My name is Heather Davie, and I’m a blogger and freelance essay writer. I graduated from the Adelphi University in NY, and now I try to write on completely different subjects and varied…


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My boy!

I thought I would dedicate a post to my son seen as we celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday.   All the little quirks he has that my daughters don't and the constent excuses I make cos he is just a 'little boy'!!

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Hurry up! You're killing me!

I am at work. An email arrives in my inbox. About two minutes later the person who sent the email is at my desk to discuss the email they just sent me. This drives me crazy.…


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Birthday Cake Muffins

Did someone say birthday cake? And in a muffin for breakfast? Yes please!

I was excited to read one of the recent Rachael Ray Magazine’s to find a handful of fun muffin recipes that I had never thought of before. To me, when I think muffin, I am stuck on the classic blueberry, raspberry, pecan…you get it. We have tried a zucchini muffin before for the kids in trying to “sneak in” the veggies. I was impressed how well that turned out. Then this weekend, we gave birthday cake muffins…


Added by Krystal Chiarolla on March 30, 2015 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Parenting Styles - What's Yours?

Have you ever wondered what type of #parentstyle you have?

There are 4 different kinds of styles. These styles can determine your child's behaviour. Will they be happy and social?

Check out the full post  here Parenting Styles - Mama Bears…

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Connection, Kindness and....Cinderella?

Last weekend, I took my daughter to see the new Cinderella movie. Little did I know how closely it would parallel my new book, Connection and Kindness: The Key to Changing the World Through Parenting. I was…


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The DIY 5 Minute Pedicure!

Being a one-income household and living on a tight budget, many “luxuries” such as getting a pedicure, I do myself.  I will admit, it can be a little depressing sometimes but it is short-lived knowing that I am saving money and I am in control of how it turns out.  …


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Monday Blog-day!!

New post!

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Dear Moms

Dear Moms,

You may be reading this on your phone in the bathroom, taking your 3 minutes of “alone” time to catch up on the world around you. You may be sneaking a peek at the park or at a red light, taking a chance to feel connected to another adult in some small way. We’ve all been there.

You may be…


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All tech is not created equal

When I asked my son what he wanted to save up his allowance for, he told me he wanted to buy a tablet. When I asked him why, he listed all the games he could play on it that he couldn't play on his LeapPad.…


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Meet Eleanor Parker Sapia, author of 'A Decent Woman'

Puerto Rican-born novelist, Eleanor Parker Sapia, was raised in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe. Eleanor’s life experiences as a counselor, alternative health practitioner, a Spanish language social worker, and a refugee case worker inspire her passion for writing. When Eleanor is not writing, she facilitates creativity groups, and is making plans to walk El…


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An Interview with Anne K. Edwards, Author of ‘This and That—Collection of Light and Dark Tales ‘

Anne K. Edwards enjoys reading as well as writing and would be hard put to choose one over the other since her love affair with the printed word started with reading at age six. When she found she could write stories as a third grader, she found a certain sense of self-fulfillment that lonely kids often miss. That love…


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Billy's World - One of the best kids video provider

Educational Entertainment…


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Top 10 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

April Fools Day pranks and tricks can be great fun.   I've always loved April Fools Day - lots of harmless fun and giggles.  Pranking my husband takes a little more planning, but the kids are just too easy to trick and they always reward me with squeals of laughter!  They also like to get involved and with my help, they play tricks on each other.

I've compiled a list of my favorite kids pranks.  I've tried most of these on my own kids and can guarantee many laughs!  Maybe a couple of…


Added by Cindie Hansen on March 28, 2015 at 11:22pm — 1 Comment

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