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Giving Birth The Easy Way

After having 2 children, I had decided things had to be easier. With my first daughter I was in hard labor for 12 hours. I was sure she liked it in my body so much she refused to come out into the world. She has been a blessing, but the pain was excruciating. My second daughter was a little easier, I really don't know how because she was 9 lb.'s and 5 oz. On top of that she was born with a tooth. The Doctor was amazed, he said he had never seen anything like that. To say the least breast…


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I See Me Books! Easter Sale!

Does your child love books?

Would he or she love to see themselves in a book!?

I See Me Books has plenty to choose from (as well as stickers, puzzles, and more!).  

Easter sale is going on right now!

Click here  for…


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Household Coupons!

Click here to print all your household coupons!

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ABC Mouse For Free! + Cashback For Signing Up!

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Get ABC Mouse for Free plus either $4 or $2 cashback just for signing up for FREE!

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Surgeon’s Story: Inside OR-1 with One of America’s Top Pediatric Heart Surgeons by Mark Oristano

Dr Kristine Guleserian is a paediatric heart surgeon, and this fascinating book gives the reader a glimpse into her life, career, cases, and what has made her the incredible person she is today.

Congenital heart disease affects approximately 35,000 new born babies in the US alone each year, although it may not reveal itself straight away, sometimes…


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What that older Mother knows

As mentioned before in this blog, I sometimes play the game "when my Mother was my age" to remind myself of how different my life would be if I was a young Mom like she was when she had my brother and me.



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5 Amazing Spring Hairstyles That You WIll Fall in Love With

“My hair was so much a part of my personality…To have short hair… (is) a statement - not to everyone else, more to myself. I'm just ready to get out from behind my hair and be myself”.  Pamela Anderson who wore her hair long for the most part of her prime said.  Indeed, hair speaks about your…


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Book Themes #2: Dragons

This week I'm sharing a theme featuring dragons. The books below can engage young readers to discover the fantastic worlds that dragon live in. As always, happy reading!

Dragons are amazing in stories for kids. The artwork alone will make anyone want to pick up the book to see the adventure that awaits inside. Bold characters whose bravery leaps beyond belief…


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Book Themes #1: Books About Reading Books

 This week I'm sharing a theme featuring picture books about reading books. The books below can engage young readers to discover wacky characters who love books and reading. As always, happy reading!

One of the many cool things about picture books is that they can be themed based. What I…


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My Thoughts on the Live Action Remake of Disney's Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie. (Can you tell when I was born? Haha!) While I was excited when Disney announced their live action remake of my beloved movie I was slightly skeptical. Why skeptical? Remakes of animated movies, I believe, are difficult to pull off, and with a movie like Beauty and the Beast if Disney didn't get it right they would have been in for a world of trouble. Here are my thoughts on the live action remake of Disney​'s Beauty and The Beast.…

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Target Deals starting 4/2!!! Sneakpeak!!

As an affiliate, I get a first hand look at the new deals coming in!  Take a look for yourself here!

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3 Most Reliable Stores to Buy Footwear

Everyone needs footwear, and apparently, this is counted as one of the most essential needs of your daily lifestyle. Mostly women own more than ten pairs of footwear in their wardrobe, and this is the minimum number of shoes. If you go above this range, you can’t imagine women keep more than 20 to 30 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe…


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How to deal with being Disappointed by the actions of a loved one

How do I say this without sounding like I'm insensitive? How do you express to someone that you see so much potential in them and can't understand why they don't see it in themselves?

The bottom line can't.  

One of my Besties favorite thing to say is "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink." It…


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20% off Handbags! Last Call!

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You won't want to miss these handcrafted handbags at 20% off!

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20% off Handmade Bags - ends soon!

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The effects of PBS (Parental Blindness Syndrome)

You are in the grocery store.

In front of you is a Mom and her son. He is jumping up and down, repeatedly saying her name, grabbing items off the impulse rack that she then has to wordlessly return, and genuinely showing some bratty behaviors. And she is calmly ignoring it all.…


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Spotlight and Chapter Reveal: Echoes of Terror, by Maris Soule

Title: Echoes of Terror
Author: Maris Soule
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Five Star
Website: …

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Choosing the Right Hip Replacement Procedure

Also known as ‘hip arthroplasty’, hip replacement is a surgical intervention used to remove and replace the old damaged hip joint. There are mainly two types of hip replacement procedures namely total hip replacement and hip joint resurfacing surgery. These treatment procedures are known to improve hip mobility and decrease the pain in hip joint. Surgeons may thoroughly examine the patients and choose an appropriate method to address their condition.…


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My Grove Collaborative Subscription Review


About two months ago I came across a promo on a Youtube Vlog offering a free trial membership to Grove Collaborative with an introductory box of products for new members. If you haven't heard of Grove…


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5 Simple Beauty Hacks Every Mom Should Know!

Moms are busy people and they don't have a lot of time each day to do makeup. As a mother of 2 and a professional makeup artist, here are my beauty tips for moms on the go:
1.Keep Your Makeup Tools in the Car - Get a small makeup bag and put in a set of tweezers, combs, brushes and other makeup tools that you use often. Place this bag in…

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