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5 After-School Snack Ideas for Busy Parents

As a busy parent, finding it easy to make snacks for the kids is essential. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is bake cookies. When the kids get home from school, they're usually hungry and exhausted. You need healthy snack options you can have ready for them. When they run through the door, kicking off their shoes and dropping their school bags on the…


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When you are working on something with full concentration, something happens, or someone comes to you to distract you. How would you feel?

These distractions give me a headache. I became angry, sometimes irritated, sometimes…


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25 Helpful Discussion and Entertainment Links For Families in Isolation

Check out our newsletter here with 25 helpful links for families in isolation!

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Flowering Plants You Can Plant at Home

Are you one of those people that admires your neighbours’ gardens when they are in full bloom with envy? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to give gardening a try but feel like you do not possess the know-how to make a success of your own garden?…


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14 Days

I have isolated myself for 14 days, due to Corona Pandemic. In these 14 days, I thought I will complete all my pending job. You can understand now, I couldn’t. But I did very few of them.

For me, these 14 days passed just like a day. It's true that I’m not…


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14 Foods to Eat and Avoid After Dental Work

Foods and drinks you consume influences your oral health especially if you had dental work or certain oral condition. If you have a tooth extraction or a more complicated procedure, you should follow your dentist’s post-treatment instructions. However, if you feel that something…


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6 Common Causes of Poor Sleep You Should Know

A lack of sleep is a serious medical risk but most people tend to neglect it. It is important to know that there is a link between insufficient sleep and obesity, as well as a number of related conditions like heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. However, these…


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When do they meet?

I believe what Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay (novelist) said. “who is yours, will come to you by himself/herself”. Then I started thinking, what will happen if both people kept thinking that another person will come? They keep waited in two different places. How/when will they meet? Maybe, only a miracle can make it…


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Why You Should Send Your Child Back to School With Allergy Labels

Even though families across the country are at home during the COVID-19 quarantine seemingly for months, it is important to remember that life will eventually return to normal. That means schools, daycares, playdates, and summer camps will eventually be in full swing again and it is critical to be prepared. Not only will our…


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Great Outdoor Kitchen Tips That All Moms Would Like to Remember

What could be a better way to mark the beginning of outdoor entertaining and warm weather with a new outdoor kitchen? It is the ideal outdoor feature for those family poor parties and backyard barbecues that you have always dreamt about. If planned properly, all the stylish women can create an outdoor kitchen that can and will be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.

Listed below are some great outdoor kitchen tips that can help you make it…


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Few Tips About Startup Business Loans for Successful Entrepreneur Moms

Small business loans can be hard to obtain if you're new to the game and are balancing a family on the side. Luckily, the process doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can still have the success you desire without worrying about your loans not being approved. Of course, this means taking measures so that all the paperwork is in order and your application is…


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Eco Friendly Kids Clothes: Buy Vintage and Thrifted [Pictures]

I have a kid, an incredibly fast growing kid, who goes through clothes like you would think a soon to be giant 12 year old would. I knew when he was a baby that the quickness in which we would add clothes to the donation pile wasn't only happening in our home but homes with little bundles of joy everywhere and it couldn't be good for the environment.

Although, it's hard for some of us to imagine wrapping a freshly minted baby in anything other than a brand new, washed in that…


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Keeping your child safe while they are studying abroad

As a parent, it is quite obvious that you are thinking about your child all the time, even when they are studying abroad. Life for a long-distance caregiver can be troublesome, and you might feel that you are not doing enough to keep the child safe in such situations.

If the above thought has crossed your mind, we have some things you can share with your children to keep your child safe while they are studying abroad.


  1. Be aware of the…

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4 Romantic Birthday Gifts from Oil Painting Pictures

Couple portrait on canvas by a professional art studio created in a bold, realistic style

A romantic gift can make the difference between an ordinary flat night and an extraordinary evening with your mate. If your lover last year wowed you with their thoughtfulness or if you want to steal the moment with a dramatic gesture, there is a romantic birthday gift for even the most serious and practical.

When choosing the ideal birthday gift, the rule is to be thoughtful and confidently give…


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Parenting Advice to Make the Kids Courageous, Kind and Well Focused

Written by: Marinatawfik

Your kid is your bundle of joy and your source of unconditional love. It is no doubt that every parent's dream is to have a kid who is kind, courageous and well-focused, and sometimes, we might need advice for that. This is why I'll be giving you some tips on how to easily achieve that!

First off, how to make your kids courageous? Here are some tips!

#1 Let them fight their…


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4 Paleo-Friendly Side Dishes to Serve for Easter

Since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in May of 2016, countless people have suggested that I switch to an anti-inflammatory diet. I have deeply considered it but at the same time, I love my carbs. I have tried to watch my carb intake but even that is hard to do. Gluten and sugar are in most of the foods that we eat. Does anyone have any suggestions on working towards a gluten-free and reduced sugar diet?

Anyhow back to what I wanted to share with you today. I wanted to share…


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8 Awesome Ways Your Teens Can Cope With the COVID-19 Quarantine

Now that much of the country is under heavy quarantine, parents are desperate for ideas about how to keep their kids busy and still learning. That's true from their little ones to their teens. Across the Net there have been a ton of ideas for little kids, but what about teens? Cabin fever will set in on them a little quicker because they are used to more…


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7 Best Gift Ideas for Kids [2020 Guide]

Buying a gift for anyone is not easy but when you go to buy a gift for kids it is never easy. The most difficult task is buying a gift for kids especially if the kids already have any things then your choices become narrower.  So if you are also not sure what to gift the kids there is a list of the gift ideas according to the categories like technology, sports, gaming, educational, and kid’s toys.

The Singing Elsa Doll from…


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The discovery institute - Residential Treatment Programs For At-Risk Young People

While it's sad that numerous young adults get themselves right into problem or into stressful and also damaging scenarios, it is rather pleasing to recognize they can be helped. There are a variety of possibilities where assistance can be acquired. As a parent of a distressed teen, you will be keen to get the best assistance and also immediately. There are several help choices and also right here are three of the a lot more prominent and also successful ones.



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