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Cultural difference between Canada and Bangladesh

It's not about knowing the language. It's about how well you understand the language. When I moved to Canada, I heard many words from people. When I translated those words into my mind, it didn't give me the real meaning. After living for several years, now I understood some of…


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11 Simple Methods to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

The health benefits of garlic are impressive. This vegetable can help combat cancer and lower bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure. However, some people avoid it as it can give an unpleasant mouth breath. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you fight garlic breath, allowing you to enjoy this…


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Telecommute – How to With Children at Home -Homeschooling

How to Work from Home With Small Children

Every once in awhile, you may find yourself needing to work from home. Maybe it’s because your…


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Biography 24: Same dresses

 There was a trend about kids' dresses when I was young. In those days parents use to make dresses for a kid by a tailor. Readymade dresses were not available much and weren't popular. It was expensive. Parents use to buy cloth. Then asked the tailor to make dresses for all kids by the same cloth. So,…


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DOM Build-a-Book Project: The Market Research Begins with You

Now, I tend to be of the mindset that we don't need much of a nudge in the right direction when we're "feeling" the task before us. We'll give it all we've got and then some, if need be. BUT . . . there are those instances when the task before us is one of the "undesirables" that we tend to pack away for a future date, or try to forget altogether, because we just don't want to do the thing.

You know what I mean?

It's like this: if there really was such a thing as…


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Blogging Truths Be Told: You Can't Always Judge a Book By Its . . .

Cover . . . Outward Appearance . . . First Impression. How would you finish the title? Well, several times recently, I've found myself thinking deeply about today's topic. And every time I do so, I become more and more upset by the abundance of attention people place on the wrong things and the lack of attention they place on the right things.

I suppose societal norms have set us up to ooooo and ahhhh over superficial stuff that doesn't really amount to much when you put it up against…


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An inspirational children's book.

My two granddaughters just loved this bright and inspirational children’s book. It tells the story of Donk, a little donkey who’s a bit of a loner. He’s the youngest in the family, and nobody has time for him. All he hears the farmer saying is that donkeys are stubborn. Why does he say that? Are…


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Best Ways to Make Money Online From Home

Stay at Home Jobs For Mom

Last week in our blog, we discussed whether it was a good idea for you, as a single mom, to consider looking for a job that…


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I am wanting to interview anyone who has been romanced scame

I am starting a podcast along with continuing my blogg.

I would like to interview men or women who were romanced scammed and would be willing to share their story on my podcast.

Let me know.


Patsy Roach

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Please vote for my blo

Please vote for my blog:  ONLINE DATING WITH PATSY.  It’s under the MEDIA/SPORTS Category


You may vote once per day So please vote everyday!!!  Last day to vote is April 16, 2021.



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How to Help Your Child Express Herself and Avoid Tantrums

All children begin life without the emotional “filters” or capacity for self-expression that we adults take for granted. As infants, children convey their needs through strong emotions, which are expressed in the form of crying, smiling, or making physical gestures. This process is completely impulse-driven and automatic; a baby literally can’t help…


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Book Review: The Making of a Spy by Jay Johnson

Everyone’s childhood is influenced by the parents and other adults. Some of these experiences are good and wholesome, while others are not so good. But this story is poignant and honest, and it showcases some of these experiences.

Most of us, either intentionally or unintentionally, bring the experiences we had in our earlier years into our adult…


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Powerful Ways Art Benefits Children

Have you ever seen a kid smooth cool finger paint over the sheet of paper with both hands, pulling her fingertips through the paint to make squiggles? Or observed a kid coloring in bountiful spirals with crayons? If yes, then you have observed the focus on these children’s faces, and the joyful expressions of art explored. You may have witnessed creative art in process!

The majority of us instinctually know that art is very important to our children; we simply believe it’s important…


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How To Know If Your Mom Blog is Getting Too Personal

Mom blogs are the number one favorite among single mothers all over the world. Not only are they informative and useful for millions of mommies and families, but they are also highly entertaining and fun to read.



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How to Cut Costs on Your Companies Energy Bill

The primary expense that businesses face is electricity costs, and as a business owner, you will agree that energy costs are a significant expense. The good news is there are many ways to save electricity and lower your business electricity costs, and many of them involve making some adjustments to your habits. Here's how to reduce your business energy bills.

Energy Audit…


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9 Weighty Reasons To Make an Appointment With Your Gynecologist Right Now

There is a common misconception that there is no reason to visit a gynecologist regularly, especially if you don't have any symptoms. But the point is that many women skip gynecological check-ups even if they have some symptoms. As a result, the condition that causes these symptoms can progress and lead to severe complications.…


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How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Net and Monitor Them Online

If you are like most parents, you have been dealing with so much during this pandemic there is so little bandwidth to learn new things. But as moms, we must trudge along in order to provide the safest online and mobile experience for our children as we can. 

Depending on where you…


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Have a Life Outside of Being a Mother

Single Mom Life Outside of Little League or Dance Class

There is no denying that being a mom is likely one of the greatest joys in life. The little toes that quickly grow into toddler feet that carry dirt and mud tracks into the house are what you live for as a mom, right? These moments are great and while our…


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3 Hiking Accessories You Should Test Before Heading Out

When it comes to hiking gear and accessories, the size of the gear does not matter. The important part is if it will hold up to what it intends to help you with. This can be determined by testing your gear before you head out on your adventure. Sure, hiking products get tested after being manufactured, but that does not mean you should trust the testing methods used.

No matter what type of hiking you…


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Kindle Fire HD Giveaway!

Hello, all awesome moms out there!

There’s a Kindle Fire HD giveaway going on till the end of the month.

You can join and give your kid this cool gadget if you win.

Here are the links that you can use to join:…


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