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Bought Our First House

After years of renting I'm excited to announce that we finally purchase our very first home right here in sunny orange county California. I've always wanted to own my own home so this is pretty much a dream come true. Our new home is a Mediterranean-style home with three bedrooms, a huge backyard with a swimming pool with a barbecue area and a very spacious kitchen.

We just moved in two weeks…


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Astaxanthin- Why It's the Superior Defense Compound for Your Skin:


This supplement was not something I'd…


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3 Easy Steps to Change Your Sedentary Life

You take a bus or drive a car to work. Then you sit at your desk and then go home where you sit again watching TV or just relaxing. Where does it take you? It results in a lack of activity and prevents you from having enough muscle work. Haven’t you ever felt tired of just sitting too much? If so, welcome to the club. You are among many other office workers who suffer from…


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Tweet your Heart Out: Twitter 101

Twitter is one of the top promotional resources for brands, bloggers, the president and even the pope to share news, pictures, videos, links and anything else that can fit into 140 characters or less. Twitter’s driving force is its ability to share news and information in real time, which is why even first responders and the police use Twitter to share up-to-the-minute…


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Send a Selfie to Huggies & Help Your Community

Huggies new Snug & Dry Ultra Hug Diapers really do lock away wetness at a better value!  Help them Spread the Love and giveaway $2,000 to a worthy community project by clicking on the following link

SHARE an #UltraHug selfie of you & your baby.

NOMINATE a local community project.

Huggies will SPREAD THE LOVE.

Huggies is asking moms everywhere to post an…


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How to calculate the total IVF cost?

These days more and more people decide to have children at a later age. Many wait until they finish university, find a good job, buy a house and gather enough finances to support a family. As a result of this, currently about 1 in 10 children are born to women over 35 years old. Unfortunately, fertility rates begin to decline at age 30. This means that the oler a woman is, the harder it is for her to get pregnant. Due to this, many couples decide to undergo in vitro treatment in order to…


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Paper Composing Administration

We are predators. We eat school assignments. Our prey is a decent evaluation. Our characteristic intuition is to assault. Our adversary is schoolwork. Need an associate to help you endure school? We will be that partner.

We concentrate on long haul associations with our clients. You will never need to swing to another article composing administration. Trust some or the greater part of your schoolwork to us and set yourself free!

We are not effective. We are powerful. While…


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না বুঝেই খুশি হয়ে যাই (Became happy without knowing the truth)

[English version has given below]

কাউকে যখন আপনি ১/২ বছর ধরে জানেন, তখন এটা খুব স্বাভাবিক যে আপনি বুঝতে পারেন, তাকে কিভাবে খুশি করতে হবে। আর সে যদি বোকাসোকা / সহজ সরল হয়, তো আরো সহজে বোঝা যায় কিভাবে কি করলে খুশি হবে/ মন ভালো হবে।

আমার কথাই ধরুন, বেড়াতে যাবার কথা বললেই লাফাতে থাকি। একবারও ভেবে…


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The Incredible Tote

Who doesn't love a great bag?

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Eliminate the Guilt By Shopping Smart

All my shoppers out there, you should read this. If you love shoes and clothes, this is for you.

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Wait on the Lord


This post is on my blog but was also featured on Devotional Diva. 

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Taking Your Marriage Seriously

If you're married,  this is a must read.  Please read,  share and comment. Marriage is important.

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Book Review: The Little Girl Inside

The Little Girl Inside:  Owning my Role in my Own Pain

By:  Tonya Barbee


     This book is a must-read for all adolescent girls and women. It is a treasure throve of honesty and encouragement. Tonya’s heart-breaking honesty and sincerity comes out in every word that she writes in the book. Get ready to be amazed and learn a lot of…


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খাবার খাওয়ার সময় (While taking food)

দুদিন ইন্টারনেট ব্যবহার থেকে দুরে ছিলাম। ভেবেছিলাম, না জানি কত কাজ করার সময় বের হবে। প্রতিদিন নেট এ কত সময় ব্যয় হয়। অথচ বাস্তব দেখলাম সম্পুর্ন ভিন্ন। আমি আলাদা কোনো সময় বের করতে পারিনি। আসলে আমি নেট এ বসি তখনি, যখন কিছু খাওয়া দাওয়া করি।  ফলে নেটের জন্য আলাদা কোনো সময় ব্যয় হয়না। তবে এটা ঠিক, এই সুযোগে কিছুটা সময় পেয়েছি টিভি দেখার, মানে খাওয়ার সময় টিভি দেখতে পেরেছি :)

For two days I stayed out from internet. I thought by this time, I will…


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Something new to worry about: Passing along anxieties

When I let my son watch Finding Nemo, I always start it at the scene where Nemo is waking his dad up for the first day of school. I know that fairy tales and children's movies have a long history of removing mothers from stories because moms represent safety and security. But in the case of Finding Nemo, I think that the opening scenes are a little too traumatic. My son…

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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Add an Acid Peel to Your Skincare Routine.


An acid or rather a…


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3 Mindless Eating Habits to Ditch Right Now

Mindless eating habits can plague us all. One of the quickest ways to derail a weightloss journey is with mindless eating habits. But how do we break these unwanted habits? Can we really overcome the food cravings? The answer is of course YES! Read on to find out how:

3 Mindless Eating Habits You Need To Ditch Now …


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