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Cool Mama Nursing Tank

Cool Mama Nursing Tank

Before my breastfeeding journey began I couldn't wrap my head around how to nurse quickly with my wardrobe. I never paid attention how other mom's did it, well first I didn't want to be rude to stare to observe.


I however did asked my nursing friends tons of questions via text, but as we all know I'm a visual person…


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Strawberry & Sour Cream Donuts Recipe

Forgot to share this post last week. Enjoy!

Strawberry & Sour Cream Donuts

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New Post on the Blog!

Click the link to read my feature of Denisa Piatti Jewellery. Her pieces or organic, contemporary, and eco-friendly with meaning.

Denisa Piatti Jewellery: Contemporary Jewelry

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Moving back home

Sometimes I tease my Mom about her home (sorry, Mom), because she maintains two guest bedrooms that are reserved for her grandchildren to stay with her whenever they want. I tease her because I know it takes a lot of work to keep up her home, but she does a lovely job with it. And, my son absolutely loves the idea that he has his own bedroom at his Nana's house.…


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Build castles in the air

[English version has given below]

কোথায় যেন পড়েছিলাম, "তুমি কল্পনা করতে ভয় পেয়োনা, যত খুশি আকাশ কুসুম কল্পনা করো। তারপর তাতে শুধু পিলার লাগিয়ে দেও, যেন পড়ে না যায়।" কথাটা খুব ভালো লেগেছিল।

হয়তো যার চাওয়ার অভ্যাস কম, সে কম পায়। অনেক চাইলে হয়তো বেশ কিছু…


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Summer Fun Savings

Summer is right around the corner so that means summer vacations, summer camps, summer birthdays, and Father's Day. We have some fantastic deals from our friends at Target.

Baby Gear & Furniture…


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Vinyl giveaway

Vinyl Review and Giveaway

Hello! Today I am so excited to share this you you guys. It’s time for a GIVEAWAY! Yep, you heard me right. I have teamed up with EveryDayVinyl to bring all of you vinyl lovers this awesome giveaway. 

Vinyl Review

First, before we get started with the giveaway let’s talk about the product review. I want to…


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Did You Know? Many Popular Sun Protection Products Contain Unhealthy Ingredients! Avoid Harmful Ingredients:

Protect Your Skin...from the Sun AND Harmful Chemicals from Sun Protection Products!

There are a few chemicals and compounds that are found in many sunscreens and sun protection products, that aren't necessarily good for your skin- or body. But, it's important to know about the facts and…


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When Your Baby Turns One

The past twelve months has been an amazing hodge podge. On the one hand it seems impossible that it was only a year ago a tiny wrinkled creature emerged into the world via a birthing pool. On the other, it feels like years ago and I can't imagine what life was life beforehand. It's amazing how much a child develops in their first year - going from a tiny, helpless little…

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She Bites by Roger Arsht and Caitlin Hawker

A fast paced psychological murder, mystery.

Being an animal lover I immediately warmed to the lead character in this fast paced psychological murder mystery, what a woman! However I have to say at the beginning that this is no soppy animal story, it enters the horrific dog fighting world and some of the scenes and stories in it are very graphically…


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Why Healthy Homes Start With a Clean Carpet

It's a magical transformation when carpets are properly cleaned and you can enjoy them looking again like new.

Clean carpets are hygienic and provide a healthy environment. They are often an expensive investment in the home or in an office area and, undoubtedly, they look and feel good as well as offering warmth and comfort.

One problem with carpeting is that…


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Creating a Mom Support Network

Moms benefit from having a solid support network. Learn who should be in yours: Your Mom Support Network

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Lean In or Seek Balance?

 Sheryl Sandberg made the point that women need to lean in. But can tat also exist as we work to create balance? Read my thoughts: Lean in Or Seek Balance

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Top 5 tips to buy Hospital Bag

Hospital bags should include all the necessary items which are essential at the time of giving birth to child or at the time of labor. The hospital bags should be packed at least 3 weeks before the due date. These hospital bags can be bought directly from sites. These bags include all the necessary items required to the mother. It includes toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, hair clips, wash cloths, absorbent pads, hand sanitizer which are alcohol free, pillow, eye masks and many more…


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A Gift for You

I got all of my projects out of the way before my deadline. To celebrate, I'm giving 25% off to new clients. I have some free time so I am accepting new clients. This is your incentive to use my services. Don't miss it.

#gift #business #money #graphic design #editing #writing…


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10 Things to Know About Zika for Pregnant & Soon-To-Be Pregnant Women

If you watch the news you may have heard about Zika, the scary virus, transmitted by mosquitoes, which can cause severe birth defects to babies born to infected mothers.  This poses a special concern for women who are or plan on becoming pregnant.  There is SO MUCH conflicting and seemingly inaccurate information floating around message boards and Facebook.

It seems like Zika is either taking a larger than life presence as the facts get distorted and sensationalized, or being…


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Memorial Day Activities & Favorite Recipes

The last week of May doesn't only bring the end of the school year but it also brings a very important date to remember.  …


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Growing old together

I normally get dressed before my husband and he doesn't usually see me until he is also fully dressed. It is at that point that we realize we are dressed in similar colors.

Is this because we own too many of the same shades of clothing? Maybe. Maybe not. I'd like to think it is because he and I are in…


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Cats as Domestic Animals: Animal Care

Cats are very clean animals, constantly groom themselves, and strive to keep their places clean. They have a good memory and ingenuity. However, to train a cat anything is possible only if the animal finds this skill useful.

Before you bring a cat into your house, you should consider whether there is an opportunity to provide the necessary conditions of animal existence.

Healthy cat…


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